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Some bastard dropped my bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tony749, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I left the bike parked at Woodcroft shopping centre for 5 minutes. I got back to the bike and something felt different. Didn't think anything of it until the trim on my exhaust fell off while I was backing out of the parking spot. Some **** had dropped the bike and picked it back up. The brake lever is bent, the grip end is broken, the trim dislodged, and the windscreen pushed out of alignment.

    I leave the bike parked in the city all day and never have a problem. Yet 5 minutes in Woodcroft and some feral bogan scrote has to play with it.

    Anyway, the damage appears minor and I won't make an insurance claim for the grip and brake lever. I'm just wondering if I should report it to the police ASAP to get a report number, just in case damage I haven't seen becomes evident while I'm commuting to work tomorrow.
  2. Won't cost you anything to report it, apart from time so may aswell. Police don't need to know you don't plan on going through insurance just yet.
  3. Shopping centre will probably have a video of it, Try asking them.
  4. The cops said if I reckon a car did the damage then I have to report it in person at the police station within 24 hours, so I reported it as malicious damage. Unfortunately the shopping centre has no cameras pointing outside so we'll never know either way.
  5. Were you at at any chance parked outside a shop front? Maybe the workers had seen something...

    F'kin Woodcroft aye!
  6. As above.. Report it for the piece of mind.

    ****n' degenerates. I feel for ya man.

    Tablet talkin'
  7. That sucks arse.. shopping centres are a pain. I had a woman abuse me for taking a whole parking spot with my bike. I told her it's no diiferent with her car taking a whole spot. It's still one person taking a parking spot you daffy idiot... That and lazy bogans that can't put a trolley back. How hard is it..Hope you find cctv footage and catch them.
  8. Thanks folks. I suppose i should file this under Stupid Newbie Mistakes: don't park the bike where it might become an 'attractive nuisance' to wandering ferals.

    Anyway, this incident justifies getting an alarm. I'm never far from the bike, something very loud to scare the offender and with an FM transmitter to page me would do the trick.
  9. Should have punched her in the face. That would have solved it.

    I can't even be bothered responding to twats like that anymore. Fark 'em.

    I got one of these:


    Best thing i ever bought - catch people all the time.. turn the audible alarm off and leave the pager on. Almost always catch them in the act.
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  10. Any chance it's fallen over and someone's picked it up?

    I've picked up several bikes that have fallen over at the airport

    Farken wind even blew mine over once when it was on the centre stand..

    The shit I see people do, a few weeks ago there was a new ish sports bike parked with the keys still in it for a few days before someone took them out and put them in the jacket that was hanging off the back...
  11. Yeah, I had same thing done to me, once. Of course, that woman's car had a mysterious scratch down one side, when she returned to it...
  12. Hey, some otherwise lazy carnt's got a job because I'm a lazy boggun.:angel:
    Same reason I will not use their demeaning, vile, condesending self serve checkouts...

    Piss poor bout yer bike..
  13. After looking at alarms I've ordered a Scorpio i900 with FM paging. The Ignitor with SMS paging came a close second, however phone coverage is patchy in some of the places I park so FM won.
  14. What good is an alarm in this situation, really?

  15. I work for a shopping center and have a reserved car spot that i use to park my bike in, i have lost count of the times i have returned to find some Muppet squeezed in his car right next to my bike in the same spot and the reserved sign mysteriously disappears!! Or to find my bike boxed in with massive trolleys coz the shoppers were too lazy to take them 20 ft to the space provided!!! I can tell you now that i hate Costco and its Bloody shoppers!!! There is probably some CCTV camera pointing at your bike as these kind of centers have millions of them, the clarity of the footage though is another question!

    FM signals are not much better depending where you park and what kind of electrical equipments or structures are nearby!! High voltage transformers, thick concrete (like multi-storied car parks), etc and you have no signal!!
  16. My response is always "Where would you like me to park that is legal?".

    Any more lip from them, i tell them to fuck off, I pay rego and next time I will park between your car and the next so you cant open your door.
  17. It will deter casual passers-by from playing with the bike. And the alarm will notify me if something happens so I can get to the scene and identify witnesses before everyone wanders off.