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some bad luck yesterday ;-(

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by patR1, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. after i sold my 2003 firestorm, I missed it dearly so a month later bought a 2007 same red color VTR1000F all stock with only 6000km. Today was the first day i took it out for a ride very smooth .... headed towards the royal national (Waterfall to Stanwell tops ) Kept it at decent speed maybe max 120km/h was just a few more corners at the end - towards a deserved break at mt buller then i see red and blue flashing angry lights in the bad visibility VTR mirrors.

    could not pull over as no space so kept going for another 1km towards the mountin.
    Pulled over Copa gets out of his car in a hurry pointing his radar in my face 111km/h Im like shi*****T
    get this its all a 60 zone! im like F**UCK in my head ..... and it does not get any better.
    takes my license and gets into his car to issue a ticket im just hopping its under 30km/h .

    Comes back 5 min later with 45km and over and $1744 fine with an automatic 6 month suspension.

    Then he says this to make me feel better "dont worry mate you not the only one "
    puts his had in his pocket and takes out around 6-10 licenses and continues
    "was here since 6am so got a few over 45's easy"

    I dont know where he came out from but apparently was on my tail for 5 min.....
    im stuffed dont know if i should take this to court as i was 111 thats 51over maybe they can reduce it under 45... either way im stuffed no car to work or uni wife is hitting the roof. and such a large fine......... 2K in the drain.

    im selling the VTR no choice ;-( , will take off my dirtbike of bikesales as will keep this ride in the bush ....
    track bike is the only option in this country. cant afford the fines at $2000 for a little pop of the throttle. Especially with a 1L bike impossible to keep to the speed as we all know. F*CK the book got me today and im done guys....

    MOD: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=78746
  2. Now what can i do should i cop it on the chin and hit public transport.
    Or should i take it to court and hope to get a good behavior 1 point licence for 12 months.
    As i need to travel to uni and work. I am having seconf thoughts as the prosecutors my eat me alive as 4 years ago got unucky and got done for street racing. So they will mention this and knowing todays hoon attitude it wont look good.
  3. If you have a street racing rap, I'd say cop it on the chin - could very well get worse than $1744 if the judge doesn't like the shape of your head...
  4. just wondering if blaming a faulty speedo would get me win this case.
    Speedo lets say was switching on and off due to electrical problems. Bike was taken after to electrician and verified the connectors were faulty. "i can get this written"
    Just wondering if this will work if i blame a faulty speedo as could not tell what speed i was at at times ...
  5. Honestly mate, for ~10km over I'd try that but you know you're not doing 60 when you're doing 111 - don't think the judge will buy that one...
  6. im running out of ideas , just have to take it i guess.

    lastly i read people getting a 12 month good behavior license if never been issues one before. So i am suitable as never been on one.
    Think is you have to apply to rta before 2 weeks or so of the suspension date.
    In my case suspension was activated on the spot , so does anyone know do i need to go to court say im bloody guilty and ask for a 12 month good behavior? or would it be a waste of time.
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