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Some arse took my phone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thecptn, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Yep, some one out there thought it would be a great idea to keep the latest in cutting edge technology of mobile phones, a 1999 3210.

    Left it on a steel post in a car park in western Sydney regional park, I don't know what happened next, next thing I know I'm filling up my bike 10 km away, and notice my phone is gone, I feeling of horror over comes me, and a mental flash back of me placing the phone on the steel post conjures, I make it there as fast as I could, only to find its gone!

    And I reckon it was those tradie blokes hanging around, damn damndamn it! out of the all the phones you keep that heap of junk! I tried ringing it only to find its switched off, how convinient! all my contacts are gone, reported it to the police, and barred the sim card from being used ever again.

    And what gets me most, is not the phone, but the fact that who ever took it, hasn't got the slightest conscious or integrity in handing it back.


    So if you know of any one bragging about how they pinched a red 3210, let me know, I really need that phone.
  2. ouch that sucks man.....fancy knocking off a 3210....i have like 3 in the cupboard somewhere at home, you can have one if you want
  3. Did you try calling it and speaking to them, it worked for me.
  4. Tried doing it, phone is switched it off, sent a text with another number for them to contact, any way thanks for the offer, I have heaps of old phones laying around.
  5. I had some knob call my phone, accuse me of stealing his phone (calling from a friends mobile I presume). Told me what number he was calling, explained it was wrong, he told me I was wrong, hung up and then did the same again. It's great being accused of stealing someones phone when they're dialling the wrong number.
  6. lol @ pinching a 3210.
    that's pre colour screen and stuff.
    I would have honestly given a thief more credibility.
  7. What an asshat to steal that. NO value to them - its not like they wanted the phone itself, being that old. All they get out of it is a piece of plastic they'll throw away as useless after a day, and a guilty conscience.

    I hope they contract some nasty STD for their effort.
  8. An arse took your phone?

    I think I saw a video of that somewhere, it didn't look comfortable.
  9. report it stolen to your provider
    they can block the IMEI to make it unusable
  10. This is exactly why every mobile should be fitted with a small charge of plastic explosive and a remotely activated detonator :twisted: .
  11. Sounds like something that should be equipped in all motorcycle seats. :wink:
  12. then everyone would know that and take the explosive out and take the bike anyway.

    so if you're gonna do it ... do it silently
  13. try the National Museum? :LOL:
  14. People still steal phones?!?!? Did you ask at the counter if anyone handed it in? I spent an entire day backtracking the steps of mate who lost his wallet and phone. Six pubs and countless drinks later we found both (in different pubs) still with cash and no calls made.
  15. More like the fossil section :LOL:

    This is why I never buy phone's, all of mine have been hand me downs, had my phone been 500 beans, im sure my original post would of been much more...colourfull.
  16. Read OP in full before posting n00b [​IMG]
  17. So let me get this right.

    You leave a fossil piece of shit that is like 8-9 years old lying around and then because somebody has picked it up as nobody was remotely around and it is after all an old piece of shit, they are the worst person in the world.

    You have stated that you have never owned your own phone and have always had hand me downs. Well how about showing some respect for your property and not leave it lying around where somebody else may pick it up.

    I cant believe you are getting so worked up over an old piece of crap.

  18. Its called making mistakes, as people we make mistakes and errors of judgement, some times we forget, some time we are absent minded, we are not perfect, ever mis placed keys before? or a wallet? or where ya parked ya car? now you know what I mean, I just forget it, that's all, has nothing to do with showing respect for my property, I just forgot it because I had a lot on my mind at the time, it's my fault I forgot it, but still..

    Im not pissed because the phone is gone, im more annoyed because my contacts are gone in the phone, and that who ever found has not found the respect to return it.
  19. You would think that most people when the find a phone;

    a. Check to see if it works;
    b. Has a sim card in it.

    If it does for both a and b, then oyu would call the number for home in it, if there is one and let them know it has been found.

    Or leave it on until it is called.

    You would think so, but then in this day and age, obviously not.

    I do sympathise about the lost numbers. It can be a pain in the rear trying to get hem all back.
  20. That's what we have wives for, blokes don't have the time to be looking for things, and anyhow they always seem to locate lost things much easier. :wink: