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some advice on 250's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by me3, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and gals, am looking at buying a newer 250 (probably a honda vtr250). Was wondering if there is a point where the engine has too many k's on it. I know if I were looking at a car I would look at some major engine problems at around 250 000km, but what would you say is the max km's for a 250 engine?


  2. If the engine, particularly a Honda, has been well maintained and serviced, then it's only past 60,000 K's I'd think twice.
  3. There's lots of discussion on this- consensus is that 100'000km's+ won't hurt better 250 engines, so long as the oil changes are maintained- small engines thrive on frequent oil changes.
    VTR certainly is a durable engine, and will go well past 100'000.
    Next weekend I'm picking up my new bike- a 1980 CB250n with 80'000km's. I would expect it to last many years more, so long as I keep an eye on the infamous camchain and balancer problems of the CB's, and the whole thing doesn't seize up prematurely.

    People are extremely afraid of more than 60'000k's on 250's (and most big bikes). This is unfounded if the bike's been looked after. A 250 with 80 or 90'000k's go for very cheap prices and represent a good value buy.

    Anyway, you'll find it hard to find any VTR's with high k's. Just buy one that looks like it's been looked after.

    Why are you selling the VT250 anyway? The VTR's a bit nicer looking, but otherwise it won't be much better.
  4. Sellin the VT250 coz its a bit old now....whilst its been perfect for the time ive had it, ive now got a bit more money. Im still happy to stick to 250's so just chasing somethin a bit newer. My mate is selling his 2000 VTR250, got a cool roo exhaust on it. Has 25000km on the clock.

    So yea just looking for something a bit newer.
  5. my first bike had 156,000 on the clock when i got it. the only engine troubles i had with it was it didnt seem to like ramming into the side of a VL o_O