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Some advice needed for a newb looking to buy 1st bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tiger_grrrrl, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,
    I thought I had my heart set on getting a nice teal and black Suzuki Across until someone at work told me that 4cyl bikes are a bugger to maintain. How true is this? Would I be better off getting a GPX250? I'm planning to ride to work each day (30min drive) and up to my boyfriend's place in Alexandra (2.5 hrs away from my place) every couple of weeks, so I want a bike that will be reliable. I've got $5000 to spend but still need to buy a helmet with some of that money.

  2. That is absolute horse shit. I think they are thinking about 2-stroke engines as compared to 4-stroke engines. 4-stroke engines can have either 2 or 4 cylinders

    The GPX250 is a 4 cylinder engine. It is the SAME engine as you will find in a ZZR250. You need to ride both the Across and GPX to decide what bike you like best

    The GPX/ZZR is a very reliable bike. The Across is as well, but lots of people have their own opinions on what bike is better. You need to ride as many bikes as you can before making your mind up.

    $5k needs to pay for Bike, Gear, Insurance, Stamp Duty - keep all that in mind

    Good Luck :)
  3. I've been collecting bits of gear as I've found bargins on ebay and in the shops. I have boots, pants, 2 x jackets (one larger so I can wear layers under it and one snug fitting) and gloves, so excluding helmet I think I'm right for gear. I'm hoping insurance won't be too painfull, I'm 27 female with good driving record, might just get 3rd party anyway and I could pay for that out of my next pay check. That just leaves stamp duty...
  4. I am fairly sure that both the GPX250 and ZZR250 have 2 cylinders
  5. Thats right.

    GPX/ZZR same engine, just different to look at. Two cylinders, sound shit, good on fuel.

    CBR,FZR,ZXR 4 cyl, rev to 18,500rpm sound awesome, fastest 250 4strokes.

    Accross, 4cyl, but doesn't rev as the others do and is bigger, with less performance.
  6. across and gpx are both 4 strokes.... :LOL: tell your friend they know S.F.A

    2 strokes are the ones to steer clear off :)
  7. psybic got it - GPX/ZZR is a parallel twin.

    Biggest thing to be wary of is that you will have to rev a 4 cylinder higher before getting into the power. If you're riding through a lot of traffic, it would probably be a better idea to look at a 2 cylinder bike unless you've got your heart set on an Across, in which case just buy one and live with it :grin:.
  8. hi...the across is a great little bike and if you want to do klms...its most likely the best choice.....with your budget you will easily find a nice unit...good luck!
  9. Actually the Across is more powerful than a post '94 grey import CBR/FZR/ZXR - and just as powerful as the earlier ones. It revs less simply because it produces more torque (power being basically torque x revs) - this is part of what makes it a really good choice for a first bike.
  10. The Across is a 4 stroke/4 cylinder - more power higher in rev range possibly stressing the engine more may be a little more to service than GPX but it's the difference of 2 extra cylinders. Personally I think a little more echnical to ride through twisties but also more fun.

    The GPX/ZZR is 4 stroke/2 cylinder - more power lower in rev range easier for the commute.

    2 cylinders are easier to service than 4 cylinders as there are 2 less cylinders (duh) both bikes mentioned above will do you well for the commute to work and provide plenty of fun on the way to Alexandra.

    Your lucky to have a boyfriend who lives with the spur in between you.
  11. some reading for you here don't forget to add on to the end when you get it all sorted out.
  12. Tiger, are you making heads or tails of all this??

    Your friend does appear confused. 2 strokers have lots of maintenance issues. 4 strokers have regular mtce issues.

    If fairing comfort is what you want, go Kwaka ZZR250 then maybe, hyosung 250 (sorry Loz). You can stop reading right now... or here's some more detail:

    Since I'm a kwaka man, I'm not recommending the hyo... even though they look more modern and with a pipe can sound ok - so go the ZZR250.

    The other bike mentioned is the GPX250. It is the ZZR's slightly down market cousin. It is fully faired, but its fairing is not as protective as the ZZR's. They both share the same engine though, which is known as a parallel twin, ie, Two cylinders. I had a gpx250, and if you look after them, their engines are bullet proof. By the way, because of the different fairings, a GPX is nominally faster than a ZZR - due to less wind resistance... and before the likes of Falcon Lord begs to differ, I have tested this.

    The Across is a Spewzuki and though it's a very capable bike and fully faired, it has a smaller tank than the kwaka's so you need to plan loooong trips a little more carefully. The kwaka's have like 18litres tanks, to the Across's 10 or 12 ltrs (don't remember). The Across rules in the storage aspect though, literally having a boot... so weigh up what's important.

    The other thing favouring kwaka's is that they are still directly imported by kwaka, so you can buy new, or get low kilometre second handers with plenty of support and spares. The Across is no longer sold new... the fleet is starting to get on... that always raises the question of reliability in my mind.

    So there you have it.

    Personally, I have a soft spot for the GPX, but it's looking a bit dated these days....

    Oh, the other 4strokers: baby blades, zxr's etc... perfectly capable, definitely sports end of the 250 market... but getting ooooolllldddd.

    That's my yearly 250 post quota out of the way then! LOL

  13. I have a 94 across that is sort of for sale if your interested. Price, less than $4K. PM me if you would like to know more.
  14. Hey I don't beg... And in this case i don't differ.
    Apparently the GPX has a higher gar ratio due to diferent sized sprockets to, meaning it has a higher top speed. And it is a touch lighter, The wind resistance diference is four fiths of F#$k all but the GPX should have a higher top speed and probably a touch better accaleration, But if someone is doing long hauls i'd recomend the ZZR because of teh improved fairing, also it is just a nicer finished bike (Accounts for teh extra weight really). That being said, Eswn has done more long haul k's on her GPX Than I have done on my ZZR so They obviosly are up for it... If the rider is.
  15. Hahaha @ FL. I didn't realise the gpx had different gearing. :-k
  16. Niether did I till I was trading notes with my career lead at work who has just got his L's and bought one, and he is always reading higher on the speedo for any given rev range than I do. So i'd say the gearing is higher.
  17. I got a across an i think there great.

    The trunk is realy awesome, no need to carry your helmet all the time an dont have to wear a backpack to carry stuff. Very easy to ride, looks like a bigger bike too.

    Personally i think the purple/black looks better than the teal but i am biased.
  18. Well, since you're a girl I think you should get the Across. The trunk-thing is an unbeatable feature for girls! :LOL: Under the seat of my bike I can't even fit my sunglasses!! And no, that was not a joke! :(
  19. Thanks for all the info :grin:
    It looks like both the across and the GPZ/ZZR have their pros and cons. Next Monday I'll try and check out some bikes at the dealers and hopefully be able to go for a test ride to find out which feels better. I don't expect too much trouble with the sizes of biks though, I might be a girl but I'm the height of the average male.
    I guess it comes down to which bike I find the best bargin on, then I'll just have to work around the cons.