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Some advice for a motorcycle parts and accessories website

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by coylesolid, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I'm doing up a motorcycle parts and accessories website for australians. It should be a one stop shop for all the bits and pieces you need for your bike. Its up at www.motosweeney.com, you've prob seen the ads on this site running this month . :)

    What I was wondering is:

    a) is the range of products enough? are their things missing that should be there?
    b) do you find the site easy to use?
    c) any other thoughts, ideas, or advice.

    Cheers guys
  2. Site is easy to navigate and looks good. Took a while to bring up, but once its up there is no lag. I like the fact you don't have crappy sounds when you click like some sites.

    One piece of advice, i'd change the phone number you have listed to make it more legible.... e.g...

    Instead of:
    Phone us on +61.7.33784440 or email .....

    Change it to:

    Phone us on (73) 3784 440 or email .....
    (To call from outside Australia use the (+61) prefix)

    Thats what i'd do. She looks good though mate. I can't comment on the range, as i don't really know much about bike accessories. You should sell occy straps though. I got some plastic hook ones, perfect size for a bike, and they don't scratch your paint :)
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  4. Well checked out your site levers look cool!But don't have em for my bike :( .Then tried to find anything for my bike and nuffin!!!!If you do end up getting the levers for my model bike i would be interested :wink: Cheers Dave.....
  5. if you want to sell lots of parts get on the phone to your suppliers and hook us up with some good prices on parts for 250's and leaner bikes

    pedals, grips, levers and other bits and pieces that let us freshen up the often tired and worn 250's and similar bikes

    MCA aren't interested, so if you are, then you'll sell lots
  6. Nice looking site and easy to use. I agree with the previous posts too. Good luck with it.

    .... and let us know when it stocks Bimmer parts. :cool:
  7. +1 smidge

    Bigger range please.
  8. so get parts for 250's check, thanks for the help. any accessories that should be in there?
  9. good start. comments:
    - oil filters and oil would be high turnover items. K&N are hard to find but I think they are the best.
    - No Triumph or HD?
    - Luggage?
    - Tools?

    Otherwise attractive site.