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Some a-hole tipped my bike over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by friction, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Considerately parked on the footpath between a rubbish bin and light pole to keep out of everyones way. I left it while I went out Friday night and when I came back Saturday morning the disc lock was jammed up against the fork.


    Then I noticed the mirrors not at correct adjustment. I start her up and it sounds wrong so I look down and the exhaust is all cracked.

    Getting off I have cracked farings, broken aftermarket exhaust, broken indicator and badly scratched bar end. I can't imagine they took the time to pick it up and not leave a note, so I presume someone saw it on it's side and did the right thing.

    Could also be someone tried to nick it until the disc lock kicked in and over it went.
  2. i have a large chunk of galvo chain on mine to hopefully stop people from trying to knock it off
  3. Maybe someone reversed into it?
  4. That's sucks man. I always worried about that at my last place because of the pub up the road, figured some drunk would knock it over either by accident or on purpose luckily it never happened.
  5. Problem is light poles attract hookers and rubbish bins vagrants
  6. or some drunk ****nuckle tried to sit on it ?? sorry to hear dude... i always hate parking my bike on the street when i can't see it ... just dont trust the general public..
  7. That's the worst man, sounds like someone didn't see the disc lock and tried to wheel the bike away. :(

    In a similar vain:
    my girlfriend and I house-sat for her mum's colleague a couple of years ago over christmas near the corner of Brunswick road and Sydney road. There was an Irish pub just up the road. In the 2 weeks we were there her car got keyed, someone dented my fuel tank and smashed the right mirror off my GN250 and in a separate incident tipped it over and bent the exhaust and broke the brake lever. I was rope-able and the damage to my bike was minimal compared to yours by the sounds of it.

    Was there a security camera by any chance?
  8. PeteH80, possible but I'm pretty certain it was tipped not just hit because the mirror on the building side was in a weird spot, as if it had been picked up by a few people, and it was tipped towards the road not away from it - I suppose if someone hit it and put it up on the sidestand, then drove away it could rock back and over?

    Or like others said, maybe just vandalism, or attempted theft.

    Rusky, no security camera there I'm afraid, I did look though.

    I think with some welding, the exhaust can be returned to an OK state but certainly not a "new" state, and with some plastic welding and touchup paint the faring might be OK, since as a touring bike I expect it to get a few cuts and bruises.
  9. Had the same thing happen to mine. Some pisspot from the pub up the road.
    Never leave it out at night if you can avoid it, too many /holes around.
  10. Had someone knock my GS500 over in a crowded street in St Kilda one Sunday night. No note left either :( I never go anywhere at night unless the bike is locked in a garage/inside house or if I'm down the street I don't go further than I can see it...

    Day time you would hope is a bit different...
  11. The stupid thing is that I didn't see a motorcycle parking area just a bit further up the road - if I'd parked it there it would have been fine. Bugger.
  12. where did you park at?
  13. Just out the front of Medina Grand on Queen St. Got some quotes today, I was hoping for a cheap fix but no joy. Lucky for me QBE allows one no-recovery (from person at fault) claim per year without it affecting my rating.
  14. Most people just have no idea that tipping a motorcycle over does any more damage than tipping a bicycle over.