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Solving one of Eswen's problems

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. One down, xxxx to go :p

  2. If she'd stop scratching it, it would be fine....
  3. Worst love letter EVER!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Pretty good..'invasion of personal space' letter though. As far as they get you.
  5. humm. a tutor for you matt?
  6. Always willing to learn
  7. Hmmm... someone breaks into your appartment, does your dishes, fixes your computer, cleans up and leaves you a snack....

    its an anti-crime....

    We need more anti-criminals in this world...

    You know... teenagers going around, secretly removing spraypaint from walls.... People breaking into your car and installing a really nice stereo... Stuff like that...
  8. So matt when is the proposed break-in happening, or will you just play Santa Clause :p :LOL:
  9. humm. i know what i want for xmas!!
  10. Maybe what's required is an Eswen section. This way she can put all her problems in the one spot, and all the great minds of netrider can come together to formulate a solution. :D
  11. lol...
    perhaps when my fame has reached the hights of vic and flipper :p
    Untill then, I refer you to my livejournal - the epitome of self obsession.
  12. Mabye an entire website would be more appropriate :D :p
  13. well, it would reach more viewers.
  14. I nominate Eswen for PM. Should bumper stickers be made up now?
  15. would it be silly of me to create my fan site?

    Other than no one would visit it :LOL:

    Maybe i should start a poll :D
  16. Creating your own fan website is just wrong. You get someone to do it for you! :p

    Maybe we should have a poll as to whether or not we should stop all these polls :LOL:
  17. lets have a poll
    "who would you like to see a fan site for?"
    groberts would be on the list for sure
    mik84s cat
    who else?
  18. Me? I'm cool and hip and....and....uh....
  19. have about a fan site for fan sites? Without them there'd be no fan sites. So I reckon we should have a fan site for fan sites. How the hell will that work you ask?

    Good Question.

    First step is to create a fan site. Farked if I know the rest... But I do know I need sleep! :LOL: