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Solving an Aftermarket LED puzzle

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Arenal, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Hello all. I am new to the moto world and the proud new owner of a 1980 Suzuki gs450. It's been loved and from what I can gather the only obstruction to rwc is installing the lights. They were included with the bike, they are all led (except the headlamp) and they appear to be cheap.

    the old speedometer had wire pairs running to neutral, hi beam,and turn signal indicators as well as a neutral indicator light "switch" (which actually appeared to be just another indicator bulb...)

    The new speedo has 5 wires- from trial and error I've gathered they are a shared earth, hi beam and neutral indicators, and TWO wires for one turn signal indicator.

    My questions then...

    1- what the hell do I with the old "neutral indicator light switch" pair? They are currently just hanging. The neutral light is on but will not switch off.

    2- has anyone installed turn signals in a similar set up? I have wired what I thought were the old + and - into the new speedos TWO turn signal indicator wires- left and right light up independently but no blinking...

    I appreciate any suggestions, ideas or experience. I feel like I'm close.... Check out the wiring diagram.

  2. Wiring diagram didn't work I am just getting a broken image icon.

    In two wire indicator telltale situations generally they just go either side of the telltale globe. Depending on which side is indicating the other side is switched to ground. If your new telltale is LED then this is unidirectional and so you need to do some more fiddling around to get it to work.
  3. I think the pair of wires for the indicators will be the left and right sides, but feed back to ground through the signal lamp.
    What that means is when you select left or right indicators both sides will operate.
    You'll need to add a diode to each side to block feedback voltage and make the operate correctly.
    Also, was there a new flasher relay/can installed ?
    If the indicators are now LED then they will not flash at the correct rate without changing the relay or adding resistors to the circuit.
  4. Update- I've got the turn signals to flash (each side independently) simply by installing an LED specific flasher relay. I believe you are right SteveR- the turn signals wires are both + and they ground through the indicator light.

    Now just need to get the neutral indicator light to switch off....
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  5. Alternatively, if you are a little clever, and can be bothered, you can swap out the standard signal lamp for the indicators to 2 separate LED's. Then you wouldn't need to add another diode to each line.
    I'll do it to mine one day as in full sunlight sometimes the signal lamp can be hard to see.
    The pair of them would still connect to ground, but the positive feed from the relay and switch would feed individual left and right 12v LED's.
    If you can't find 12v LED's in a colour you like, then you'd need to add a resistor in line to each to bring the voltage down to ~3v. 1000mcd should be bright enough.
  6. I don't think I can post the diagram because it's a l link and I'm new here.

    Turn signals up and running and were straightforward in the end.

    Now I just need to sort out the neutral indicator... I know which wire comes out of speedo... And I've identified which wire comes from the gear position switch.... I'm just not sure if I should or where to ground? Also- what to do with the two loose wires for the apparently non existent oil pressure switch...?

    I've blown four fuses trying to figure it out. Anyone?[​IMG]
  7. GS450.

    There appears to be a Oil Pressure switch bottom right it is a switched negative.
    The neutral switch is also a switched negative.

    How many wires do you have coming out of the instrument cluster?
  8. There are 8. Two for the turn signals indicator. Two for the high beam indicator. Two for the "neutral indicator light" and two for the "neutral indicator light switch". The quotes are how it is written in the manual wiring diagram... Though in the diagram the " neutral indicator light " actually connects to the oil pressure switch...

    I haven't traced either of them back... But one seems to be blowing my main fuse.