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VIC <solved> HELP anyone around Mitcham VIC able to pick up a bike?

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Jabba, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. I'm going into hospital tomorrow at Mitcham private. But I won't be able to ride home. Is someone in the area able to pick up my bike and ride it home with them for a bit?

  2. Ouch....?
  3. It's all good. Elective surgery on my nose.
  4. Mate I can help if you need. Pm me if interested. I'm about 2km away.
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  5. Thanks chillibuttonchillibutton it was all pretty rushed, but I've organised a lift there. Just have to negotiate the morning peak hour to arrive there at 7:30..... Eeek.

    That and my family kinda wanted to drop me off naaawwwww.
  6. Damn, was looking forward to riding the 929 the 2km home (via Reefton).....
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  7. All the best for the op JabbaJabba.

    Does your nose smell? That's always a problem.
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  8. Hahahahaaaa! Sorry to disappoint. Also it's the 954 :p
    I have no idea! That is the problem I think. I have a badly deviated septum and the tissue around the nostrils have moved to close the gaps on one side and are blocking it on the other. So just plumbing issues really. The Doc it going to get his rotary tool out and give me a port and polish.
  9. Nice that should give you a few HP. Good luck
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