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NSW Solo seat conversion, cheaper CTP?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by imagineero, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Has anyone done a solo seat conversion in NSW and get a significantly better CTP price? I've got a few bikes and the rego is killing me. $1050 for CTP alone for bikes over 1125cc. Looking at getting another big bike, probably another blackbird, st1300 or fjr1300 and big bikes are kinda cheap in price to buy these days, but adding up all the regos on different vehicles is terrifying.

    When I was in QLD CTP for solo seat bikes was half cost or less. insurance companys justify the huge nsw ctp prices by saying it covers pillions, by that logic ctp for a blackbird ought to come down from $1050 to about $200? Anybody had experiences with this? Was searching around on the net but didnt find anything useful
  2. Is there such a thing in NSW as single seat rego?
    I thought that was a QLD only thing?
  3. That would explain why I can't find any info on it in NSW :-(
  4. Yeah from memory, NSW use engine size to set rego costs.
    I don't understand why CTP is so much dearer than QLD though. My rego ( including CTP) is about $450 for a dual seat. This drops to $280 or there about with a single seat conversion, which you can now do without an engineer.

    How can CTP be so different because you live on one side of an invisible line and I live on the other?
  5. NSW doesn't do it ... you need to harass your local motorcycle lobbyists

    I think Qld is the only state to offer it ... it's about half price.
  6. how is CTP $1050 in NSW? I've had several 1300cc or more in recent years and never paid that much for CTP.

    I just did a dummy quote for a 2010 1300cc bike with postcode 2000, 25 yr old rider, comp insurance, no demerits or licence disqualification - dearest quote $530

    even with licence disqualification, loss of 10 points still only $530 as max cost for CTP.

    go to this site and test it out, you may need to check with other providers:
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  7. You may be looking at the 6 month price, not the 12 month price. I own several bikes in the 1126-1325cc category. If you have zero points QBE is the only insurer that will offer you a discount for that - $739 annually. I previously enjoyed that price but lost 1 point 2 years ago so I no longer qualify for it and the cheapest current price is $1026. Strangely, if your bike is over 1325cc the CTP drops down to $640 annually for those licence holders who have lost one point, or $490 annually from QBE if you have zero points. These are all for 2002 year bike, 38 year old rider, no at fault accidents, one point lost, licence more than 6 years. Postcode has no effect unless you're in a rural area.

    Interestingly, newer bikes are apparently safer; you can get 12 months for $857 for a 2010 bike.