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Solo Ride Melb To Daylesford - Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Gobberwart, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. My wife and I have a long weekend planned and we're going to visit her mum who lives about 5km north-east of Daylesford. Rather than go with her in the car, I've decided to take the opportunity to head off on the bike and get some more experience since I've only had my L's for about 5 weeks.

    I'm not a fan of freeways, as I find sitting on 100/110 for long periods of time is fairly dull/tiring and I figure if I'm going to do that, I might as well just go in the car. I've decided to try and plan a more interesting route, which means I'll be on my own in unfamiliar territory.

    I'm going from Croydon (eastern suburbs melbourne) to a town called Wheatsheaf, and I'm planning a route that starts with a few km on the M3/Eastern freeway, then heads up Chandler Hwy north around the CBD, through Reservoir, Campbellfield, Sunbury, Gisborne, Woodend then cutting across to Wheatsheaf and... well, check out the Google map:


    I was also considering maybe something like this, which is a bit longer but looks more interesting.


    I'm not familiar with many of those roads though, so while they look OK on Google, they might be completely different in real life.

    Long story short.. Does anyone have any thoughts on the route, eg. better ways to go for a noob on a cruiser, things to check out/avoid, or any other tips/advice etc.
  2. Route 1: from Somerton Road go on to the Wildwood Road, then Konagadera Road: much better riding. Through Clarkefield, left onto Sutherlands Road, right onto Amess Road (wave as you go past or come in for a coffee), left on to Riddell Main Road. Right on to Hamilton Road, right on to Macedon Road, over Mt Macedon and watch for the twisties coming down the other side!

    Left on to Romsey Road and back in to Woodend, either pick up your planned route or go via the Ashbourne Road for some more fun.
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  3. +1 to Heli they are good suggestions.

    On Route 2 I would say when you get to Doreen turn right go up and left at the reservoir then up Whittlesea rd and left into Grants rd. Rejoin you route through Wallan but turn left on to Darrraweit rd which will take you across to Romsey. You can join your original route there.
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  4. Not that familiar with the roads east of Woodend, but very familiar with the roads to the West of it. My advice would be to avoid Springhill Road, since it's not sealed the full width and you're almost certain to get stuck behind a horse float doing <70kph.

    It's a slight detour but I'd skip the turn off and follow Trentham road, then Trentham Falls Road into Daylesford (route C317). The falls themselves are worth a look if there's been recent rains, and the road itself is quite good even if they did drop the speed limit down to 90kph for the best part (though you're more likely to get a camera on the final straight run into Daylesford then on any of the corners). Then just double back on the Daylesford-Malmsbury road to your "point B".

    The other option would be to battle the idiots on the Calder for a brief stint to the North, then cut across West from Kyneton through Lauriston and then Drummond. This is actually a much nicer road than it would seem just looking at the map, especially the relatively steep deep just to the East of Drummond. Obviously from Drummond you just go SW down the Daylesford-Malmsbury road.
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  5. MAN......fcuking haul ass n enjoy it when your out of the suburbs....ask every female if they are hot - and .....haul ass some more - enjoy it :]
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  6. Looks like I'm going to go with route 1 on the way up with suggestions from both Heli and jd thrown in. Those twisties look like a great idea, and hopefully the road won't be covered in crap by the time I get there (probably around 11am). @Heli, I'd love to stop for a coffee, but I'm probably already going to be a little bit under the pump for time to get where I need to be by 12. If you spot a red VStar heading along Amess Rd, that'll be me :) @jd thanks for the tip re Springhill Rd. I'll take the long way instead.

    Revised route is something like this: https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=...a=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10&z=10&source=gplus-ogsb

    On the way back, I might do route 2, or some variation... or maybe I'll just do what 87crisis recommends since I don't have anywhere to be by any particular time :)
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    coming back, the run through trentham, blackwood, greendale and myrniong is quite good. but it puts you on the western freeway though. but sometimes a straight run home at the end of a ride is good.

    Blackwood and Greendale pubs have good meals.
  8. If you have free time go to the Chocolate Mill, it's about 10 minutes North of Daylesford along the Midland Highway (the road to Castlemaine). Superb range of hand made chocolates, and they do very good hot chocolate and coffee as well.

    The brewery/pub in Woodend also does absolutely brilliant bar meals, and is one of the few places outside Melbourne to have made it into the Age Good Food Guide (I can certainly recommend the beef and ale pie, or beer battered fish and chips). Beer tastings aren't going to be an option given you're on L's, but you can always pick up a 6-pack to take home. Their beers have won multiple awards, and most of the brewers I know rate it as the best brewery in Australia (at least one rates it as the best in the world).
  9. I'm very familiar with the Holgate Brewhouse. Their chocolate porter is insane. We'll be going there for lunch, and now I won't be on the bike so I can partake :)

    Made it safely btw. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride, except the bit where I missed the turnoff to macedon and somehow ended up on the road to Geelong lol. Time constraints meant I had to cut out the trip over the mountain but I'll save it for the trip back.
  10. Ok the chocolate porter can get stuffed. Empress mocha porter is my new favourite :)
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  11. Since the women have buggered off to the shops and left me in charge of a pint of empress, I thought I'd take a minute to share some experiences.

    First, kondogereda (or whatever it's called) road. That was a surprise. Long stretches of straight hundred zones, interrupted today by guys working on power lines (40 zone) then suddenly it's a single lane, unsealed edges and twisties everywhere. Would've been nicer if the surface had been cleaner but otherwise a good choice.

    Next, springhill road. I know, jd said give it a miss. I was going to, but I was running late and after the above I thought what the heck. Turns out it was pretty good today. Apart from the "roadworks" that seem to involve throwing tons of gravel into pot holes, the road was clear and interesting but not dangerous or annoying in any meaningful way.

    Finally, big shout to the dude on the orange whatever it was who decided he needed to overtake me on the daylesford malmsbury road. I mean, go you for overtaking a learner, but since you just got in my way once you got in front, what was the fcuking point, man?
  12. Sounds like you got lucky. The road itself isn't that bad, but with the narrow asphalt and soft shoulders it is the epitome of motorcycle hell when you're stuck doing no more than 60kph behind a horses arse. :LOL:

    As for more important things, if you liked the Empress then you should try the Beelzebub (when it's available):
  13. Ahh the Beelzebub's Jewels... Yep, it's available. And there's a bottle on its way back with the other half later today. I wouldn't normally spend that sort of money on beer, but after a tasting paddle and a few pints, suddenly it seemed almost reasonable. Holgate hasn't disappointed me yet so I'm looking forward to it :)
  14. That's the problem I used to have drinking the leftovers from the Beer Awards.

    I'd find something I liked, only to the learn that it was either expensive or virtually unobtainable in this country (or both). This is why I brew my own, though I still haven't quite perfected a match for my favourite beer (Stone Imperial Russian Stout). Of course it never hurts to keep trying other beers, never know when you might find a new favourite :).
  15. No, it never does. That's my excuse anyway. "Honey, I need to keep trying these beers, just in case I find a new favourite." :D

    Holgate's definitely one of my favourite breweries, and pretty much what I have in mind when I say I want to start my own microbrewery. Without the restaurant, though, and without the whole "great customer service" thing.

    For variety, Mrs Parmas in Little Bourke Street is a great place to go on a regular basis to try different brews. They have plenty on tap, and seem to mix them up regularly, plus they have decent parmas. Now, if only they'd take my suggestion on board and make the "Parmageddon" really hot, I'd be stoked.

    NONE of this is useful on L plates. "Fancy a cheeky pint after work?" I'd love to but... Oh well, think of all those calories I'm saving.
  16. Young and Jacksons used to get a few interesting beers in on occasions as well. Being close to Flinders Street Station used to be handy as well.

    You've also got time to potentially plan something around this:
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