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Solo GAR Adventure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dionikon, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. So I've heard people yammer on about GAR this and GAR that for the last few months when I started riding. So I figured, what the hell, I should give this Great Alpine Road thing a try.

    So the plan was to take the following route:

    Day 1:
    - Diamond Creek, Kinglake, Kinglake West, Yea, Mansfield, Whitfield, Bright

    Day 2:
    - Bright, Mt Beauty, Falls Creek, Mt Beauty, Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain, Omeo, Bruthren, Bairnsdale

    Day 3:
    - Bairnsdale, Sale, Moe, Noojee, Warburton, Marysville, Healesville, Kinglake, Diamond Creek, Home

    I stuck pretty much to the plan, except for a slight wrong turn up Mt Donna Buang instead of taking the Reefton Spur to Marysville. The road up Donna Buang is well worth it, but I don't recommend following the signs to Healesville, there is a lot of dirt road down that way (20-ish k's of loose rutted gravel).

    All I can say is, WOW what a ride!

    So many great stretches of road, if I had to pick a favourite it would be a dead heat between Tarwonga Rd (between Bright and Mt Beauty), the road from Omeo to Bairnsdale, or the Moe to Noojee road.

    Here's a couple of pics from the trip, all gratuitous bike shots I'm afraid, with only me and the bike it was difficult to take photos of much else. Next time I'm taking a video camera!


    Attached Files:

  2. Fantastic journey mate and great pics ! Traversed those roads previously and I type this with envy - another trip to those magnificent parts definitely on the cards in the near future.
    Well done to you for doing the trip, albeit 'solo', and what an awesome bike to enjoy the magnificent scenery/sunshine with (y)
  3. Sounds like you had a great time, some magic roads up there. Next time continue on from Falls Creek on the Bogong High Plains road that will eventaully take you back in to Omeo the other side of the mountains. The run from Anglers rest in to Omeo is windy and spectacular. Still lots to explore up there :)
  4. good stuff ... you can also head up past thredbo, all good roads and well worth checking out... i'm thinking of going up there this week, i've got a few days off so was wondering whats going on up there, whats the weather like? is it freezing up there yet ?
  5. The coldest part of the ride was actually through the hills near Noojee, Hotham was a balmy 20 degrees. :)
  6. My post dissapeared so I will try again,
    As Cjvfr said, Go through Falls Creek and down to Omeo, Through Anglers Rest,
    Turn right off the Bogong High Plains road, Its a magnificent road, Full of good twisties and grouse Scenery, Take a camera with you,
    If you turn left, its the road to Mitta Mitta, its a good road with good scenery till you hit the gravel, about 20 Kays, Turn around and come back to Omeo, That gravel road is some thing you dont want your bike on,
  7. Will be doing the same run myself next month with 2 mates . nice pics can't wait'' =D>
  8. Ahh the famous Ducati with an L plate... although it doesn't have one anymore.

    I actually need to do the GAR and the GOR still :p

    Can't wait to do either of them... this looks like a good trip though :D
  9. Great work mate. How'd you find it being solo? I have monday/tuesday off (not this week coming, the next) and the family is all away. I was considering doing something like that (but 2 days, not 3).
  10. I will definitely be keen on doing a GAR run.. the Fireblade is screaming for a longish ride :) I'm sure there'll be several of us keen to hit these magnificent roads.
  11. Are you saying you'd like to join me on a ride on the 28th-29th of March?
  12. The solo part wasn't bad, just had some music playing and kept on rollin.

    I originally planned to go for 2 days, would have been about 450 k's a day. Glad I took the extra time, 300 a day is much more civilized.;)
  13. The mcnews blokes (and a couple of blokettes) have a yearly pilgrimage to Bright each year a couple of days after the MotoGP, and spend about 3 ~ 4 days covering many of those roads in a manner that pedantic people of a legal persuasion may disapprove of. I've never gone, but I'm pretty damn determined to make it this year. Fingers crossed.
  14. Hey mate,

    I would have liked to join you on this ride but unfortunately I don't have 28th at my disposal. Available days off 29, 30, 31 March at this stage. If you didn't have any qualms with delaying your trip by 1 day, I 'may' be interested (y)
  15. Unfortunately, I'm back at work on the 30th. I'd be happy enough to do a 1 day ride somewhere on the 29th if you like. Won't be able to go as far, but I'm sure we could get SOMEWHERE awesome in a full day. Otherwise, we can just do this trip at a later date when timing is better. I know that Resmen would like to do it so at some point.