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Solo Bike Rides - do we have any suggestions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mstamos, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. I'm finding that traveling solo is getting a bit tedious but my life is so erratic that it is hard to predict when each opportunity to go for a ride will come.

    I was thinking that what is needed is the equivalent of a bonking partner - only this is a bike riding partner(s). You send an SMS and within the hour you're touring. Does anyone else have the equivalent problem and if yes I am open to suggested.



    PS: I went riding with Donski a few weeks back and we had a great time but again that required some pre-planning.

  2. shoot me a PM with your mobile number and I'll do the same :)

    I am just heading out for a cruise now if ya wanna join me.
  3. Am in a similar situation 'cos my work load fluctuates somewhat. If the weathers good & I find a spare couple of hours usually manage to jump on the bike for a wee jaunt. But yes, would be nice to have company.
    Maybe a text-tree of peoples who can meet with only an hours notice for a ride? Altho' that would depend on what side of Melb. one lives :)

    Now - about the SMS bonking partners ....... :wink:
  4. yarrr... the netrider booty call :grin:
    count me in lol.

    what part of melb are you from mstamos?

    i find im the same, free here n there, shifts vary coz im casual, n free time just pops up without mcuh notice. most others are 9-5'ers, so i find its just me riding :?

    i agree with betty, we should sort out who's in for the booty... i mean ride. im keen for a ride anywhere, anytime, i'll do my best to make it :) the same goes for a cruise on the bike :LOL:
  5. Great idea .. am in a similar deal with work loads .. but hoping a few late night rides may be on the cards in the coming months. am in Surrey Hills (Melb)

    feel free to txt me on 0417 500 906 for a blat.. or call if ya just wanna talk about it :wink:
  6. hahaha
    i still find it hilarious making bad riding jokes too :)
  7. "Ooh, you wanna go for a ride baby?

    Yeah, I'll bet you do. You want to go for a long, hard ride. Aww yeah.

    So what helmet are you wearing?..."
  8. If you are in Ipswich, have a day off and want a ride-buddy, please PM me!!

    This is my first week of solo rides - unfortunately there's not a lot of 'Soccer Mum's' with a bike licence, so I'm sticking to the roads I liked to drive on to escape, and re-learning how to ride them instead!!

    Things I've learnt on my solo expeditions - Bug guts sucks, any bloke who's ever ridden a bike thinks you're keen to hear their stories cause you carry a helmet, you CAN take up the entire car park at the shopping centre if you want to, you can fit 10 DVD's in a satchel, and most of all...

    its not as fun at the stops if there's no-one to talk to when you get there :cry:
  9. Some of us have this msn/sms tree thing going for those in the CBD and surrounding areas.
    If someone is up for a ride they'd just leave a message on msn or text one guy and that guy just passes on the message. Whoever can make it heads out.
    Fixed meeting spot, with 10-15min wait time and off we go.
    Seems to be working well in the few weeks it's been in operation. :cool:
  10. That's great :)

    When daylight savings hits might try & do something similar for the outer easteners :grin:
  11. ad me to the list, moochie....

    with a bit of luck avoiding cops, i reckon i can turn a 40min trip to the city into 15min :grin: :cool: :LOL: *cough*
  12. Would be good to see this work for other members of NR in other areas. We've gone on about 10-12 rides in the few weeks it's been goin on and average about 3-6 riders each outing. Max so far has been 11 on one of the spur of the moment thingos.
    When you do get it going lemmie know how it goes and if you have any suggestions on how to make it more efficient.
  13. Lol..... Will do matey.
    If there are others on NR willing to start this up in your area then i'd would save you the 40 *cough* 15 min ride to the city. :LOL:

    You are more than welcome to join us on anyone of the rides.

    Just keep in mind that there are some very slow riders in amongst us so as a rule of thumb stay in front of me if you plan to go quick through the twisty bits. :LOL: