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Solid riding tips (Long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Scrambles, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. Yeah yeah, I know: "Why should we listen to a guy who drfited a corner, lowsided then tried to climb a tree with his VTR??" Well, don't listen to me, listen to the authors of Fast Bikes (Best mag EVER). I came across these tips and thought I should share them.
    BTW, I also mono-ed my VTR on the same day, but you don't hear about THAT do you??

    Stability is the key to a good handling bike and being a confident, controlled rider. There are several different stages of stability:
    1.You're stable on the bike and the bike is stable underneath you
    2.You're stable on the bike but the bike is unstable
    3.You're unstabe on the bike and the bike is stable
    4.Both you and the bike are unstable
    This can be so much of a problem that you could find yourself into a hedge at a blink of an eye. If the bike is unstable but you are stable, the bike will regain its composure very quickly. Why? Because you let it.
    A headshake or tankslapper is the worst you can get, but the easiest way to gat out of it is to relax and let the bike do what it needs to do underneath you. However, to relax the upper body, the lower body needs to be locked into the bike. This applies to ALL types of bikes. If the lower body isn't locked in then you'll be hanging on to the handlebars too tightly and you will tire very quickly over the course of the ride.
    No amount of setup, dampening or re-valving will cure these handling problems. If any part of your body is tired after a spirited ride, it should be your legs and knees. If you forearms, neck or back are giving you curry, you are far too tense on the bike.
    Squeeze the tank with your legs, and you can relax your upper body. When hanging off the bike around a corner learn to lock you leg into that indentation on the tank, this may mean you have to also re-assess how you seat your feet on the pegs, but do what you have to do to get that lower body stable, locked and loaded.