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Solicitor (and NR member) Bendigo area - Tramp64 - Web added

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by thetramp64, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Thought I owed myself a plug!
    I'm now advertising here too............ (Watch for the banner ads)


    John Boundy Solicitor
    Ph: 5444 5589

    The practice does all sorts of general law and conveyencing work, but I'll be doing the crim (Magistrates Court) and traffic matters, as well as helping with other matters as needed.

    So, anyone in the are who wants a solicitor who understands bikes, give us a go!
    Mention where you saw the ad and I'll make sure you are looked after.
    I'll still be posting here.

    Shameless plug over.

    David Heasley

  2. Nicely done, but given the law-abiding nature of most Netriders, I can't see you getting much work :roll: :p
  3. Good for you mate!

    I've spoken to the Tramp once regarding a friends situation and he was very, very helpful.
  4. Fortunately I've never had the need to sample Tramps professional skills, however, if being a top bloke is a recommendation, he'd be a damn fine solicitor.
  5. we might have to ride out and inaugurate the combining.(any excuse for a ride!) Good luck mate.
  6. Of course, how silly of me! I'll cease practicing immediately!


    Aww CJ, thanks....
  7. Always up for a coffee / meal / ride / whatever!
  8. Hi Mate, sounds like a good excuse for a coffee get together. If ever your keen on going for a ride, send me a PM, I get out most weekends.
  9. Now that the silly season (Fires etc) is over I could be in that!
    I'm also normally kennelled at "Brown Sugar" cafe on High st on a Sat morn, along with the rest of the Central Vic Guys.
    Drop in we don't bite!
  10. I'll be in touch soon Dave. (not for me, it's for a friend you understand)

  11. A top bloke AND a solicitor?
    Is it possible? :shock:

    Congrats Tramp keep up the good work :wink:
  12. You've had a shave!
  13. :roll: Denial is a bugger mate, You gotta try get past it.
    " Doctor , I have a friend with a problem .. " :LOL:

    :bolt: :wink:
  14. Would you happen to know Marty Clive G.....n?

    You guys must be pretty close and he used to own the Brown Sugar a while back..hehe.
    I'll pop over and have a coffee with ya....soon...
  15. a good solicitor doesn't need to advertise. also you sound like a homosexual, so i think i'll pass on the coffee :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Cool banner advert on Netrider, mate :).
  17. Have seen you down there with the guys/gals. I have breakie there most saturday mornings. Will say hi next time I see you. :LOL:
  18. awsome...Ive used all my monopoly get outta jail free..

    Good onya Dave. Hope to see you soon