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Soldering 6.5mm audio Jacks - Connection help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. The missus needs a 6.5mm audio jack adaptor. At one end she has a set of studio headphones with a 6.5mm stereo jack. At the other end she has 2 6.5mm mono (left and right) sockets to which she needs to plug the headphones into. They're actually in an M-Audio rackmount rack thingy for her PC based recording setup.

    She currently has two single mono leads with mono jacks at each end. One end of each is plugged into the rack. The other end goes into an adaptor that she got from DSE or Tandy. The output of that is a 6.5mm stereo jack. Into that she has a female 6.5mm stereo adapter and the other end of that goes the headphones jack.

    Sound complicated. Not really. It's just that there's a ton of adaptors and as you'd expect, crappy connections can arise. She has it all taped up to try and stop it from moving.

    What I'd like to do is to buy the various bits and pieces to make up a soldered arrangement that's secure, solid and reliable. I just need some info.

    Two monos to stereo, what leads or wires get soldered to the stereo setup. There are three connections. Left, Right and presumably common. Which is which and what sides of the mono jacks get soldered to the common?

    I can buy the components to do the job, but we can't source a simple 6,5mm stereo to twin mono adaptor with female sockets on each end. Only female mono and male stereo.

  2. Not really sure I've understood without a diagram, but in general, whether stereo or mono, male or female, when you unscrew the grip side of the jack, you'll see a long soldering bit and a short soldering bit [or bits in the case of the stereo plug].

    The long bit is the shield or common.

    The short soldering bits are connected to the active part of the connectors.

    Does that give you enough info to get the project started?

    Sounds like you should be making a splitter lead with two mono male 6.3mm jacks one end and one female stereo 6.3mm jack at the other.



  3. Yes, Rob, that's what we need.

    Anyway, it doesn't matter, now. My wife has sourced a small mixer from Behringer for about $60. I think that it's one or two channel. She can plug her analog audio outs from one channel of the breakout box into the mixer then into the mixer she can plug her bass guitar and the headphones (it has a stereo jack specifically for headphones).

    Thanks for the input guys, it's appreciated.
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  5. Don't you hate it when a link wont work :evil:

    OK I'll try this manually

    click on the link then on the left side under Browse click on Support & Data

    Then under Electronics click on Hardware

    then Plugs/Sockets

    then Microphone Plugs / Sockets

    then Headphone & Microphone Connections

    Not that this info is much good if the Minister for War & Finance has already found a solution :wink: