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Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. FOR SALE.

    2005 KLR650 26,000 km.
    Its been WTF (What the F**ked)
    ITs has,
    Heated grips
    CB900 headlight = more light x 10000
    SW-Motech crashbars
    Highway pegs
    Digital Speedo
    Pelican 1560 topbox.
    fairly new tyres

    This bike has no instrument cluster as its my project bike.
    I cant ride as Im pregnant, so I decided to tinker with the look. The instrument cluster was taken of and was due to get a vapor kit which i have not done yet.
    Just ran out of rego today.

    We are moving to Cairns and it is not coming with us to take up room as I can only ride one at a time.
    So we could use the money and its going.

    You will need to fit a vapour kit to it to make it RW.
    You will need to get a RWC yourself.

    I just need it gone ASAP.

    Make it your new project bike.

    Always serviced, bullet proof, comes with a spare stock exhaust off my 08 thats done 50km

    Here are the pics

    Before the mods

    After the Mods, without the Pelican case, but you can have it with the bike too. DSC_1637.

    $3500 NO OFFERS Take it, put on a vapour kit, get the RWC and be on the road for under $4000.

    This bike has been dropped on rides alot. Its made for it.
    Perfect runner, never had a mechanical issue.
    Great bike with loads of extras. Great purchase, just wish my 08 was as good.


    PM me for anymore details.
  2. may be interested... ill see what the funds are like ;)

    whats it like for twisty riding, or is not worth it? :p
  3. We live on the black spur, so its good for us riding it.

    Jay (stookie) has embarrassed alot of Sport bike riders on this bike.

    If you want to see how capable it is then come up the spur and try to keep up with him :shock:

    Its not a 160kmph bike its a big single that you dont need to brake so much into corners for.
    Great off road and built to go hard.

  4. thanks. as i said, ill look into funds... but ive been interested in more of the adventure sort of bikes for a while :grin:

    ill get back to you if it doesnt sell quickly! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.