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[Sold] ZXR250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by 87crisis, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. i love this bike...it's power delivery shits all over the old zzr and gpx and just absolutely howls (am glad i favour riding with earphones in.)

    chasing 3,500 ono for this lovely lady...she's got i think 2 months or so rego left on her

    purchased the bike for that a few months back (was advertised at 4k) have since replaced the front tyre (original one was Ratshit) and the front n rear brake pads...speedo cable...and choke cable..

    cons -
    fuel tap is abit fiddly...

    rust in the fuel tank (will throw in rust treatment kit for the tank ...just been too lazy to get around to it yet.)

    pro's -
    bitching white pearl paint job with majority of minor parts either blue or painted blue....it's a zxr250 ..nuff said.

    just over 20 thousand k's (OMG AMAZING INORITE?!?!?! - come on kiddies she's a grey import...don't believe the clocks on these guys)

    i've posted up threads previously regarding the year issue as the rego comes up as 1985...these bikes were simply not made then (more 1988-94 area to memory with any made after that simply being thrown together from leftover parts)

    reason for sale is i'm cleaning house to buy a new toy....so a few bikes are going...+ the zxr just didn't suit me...may well move onto a cruiser so if you have one you'd like to trade let me know.

    ugh...one last thing...small crack in the fairing - you will see it in the first photo, never really bothered me but still worth mentioning....and the wheels are a nice white...but...cleaning wheels has never been at the top of my list of awesome things to spend my time with...

  2. price drop $3,000 ono need it gone asap
  3. I may be interested, could I have a look sometime midweek?
  4. More than welcome to if it doesn't get flogged off on eBay in the next 3 hours (doubt it will)
  5. Aaaand as guessed your safe from eBay when's good for you to have a look Steven?
  6. Cool, Are you free Wednesday afternoon?
  7. Yeah should be good.....i'll send you a message n phone number tomorrow arvo with the address....let me know what time you plan on dropping in then
  8. still hammering this bike around town for the time being....anyone interested? others can vouch for it's brakes saving my ass from a caravan recently !
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  9. Witness.
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  10. also...i've long since become far too attached to this bike and cannot seem to find the option to close the thread - @Justus @Lilley can one of you buggers shitcan this thread for me?
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