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[Sold] Yoshimura TRC SS GSXR Exhaust

Discussion in 'Archived' started by simon791, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. Selling a Yoshimura Stainless Steel TRC Slip on Exhaust for a GSXR 1000 2009-2011


    Can is in great condition, Only on the bike for 5000 k's.
    Mid pipe is brand new! I decided to get the carbon can so ordered a full new slip on system!

    Some slight markings where the bracket is connected and on the low volume insert..
    Will ship in Aus for an extra $30

    Get yourself a great condition exhaust for half the price!!!

    Looking for around $250..

    IMG_20140909_082945. IMG_20140909_135544. IMG_20140909_135552. IMG_20140909_135614.
  2. The bike in the pic is a K8 though isnt it?
  3. Yep.. Just wanted the Carbon Can so bought an 09-11 exhaust..
  4. But the one for sale you've said to fit an 09-11?
  5. Yeah mate.. All Yoshi cans are interchangeable. Only the mid pipe and headers are bike specific..
  6. On fleabay now.. If interested let me know..
  7. do you know if the can will suit a K6 gsxr 1000?
  8. If you already have a Yoshimura Slip-on or fullsystem Mid pipe it will..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.