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[Sold] York T700 Treadmill

Discussion in 'Archived' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. For sale
    York T700 treadmill Platinum series.
    Good condition.
    Have joined a gym and need the space.
    $300 Neg.
    Contact me on here if interested.


  2. Gunna buy your muscles instead of building them yourself.
  3. Actually lose the gut first ! Hahaha
  4. Good luck with the training MickyBoy....

    Give me a shout if you ever need any pointers without the BS from a personal trainer...
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  5. Thanks BitMan !
    I don't hold a personal trainers half my age in high regard.
    I worked in gyms as a second job 20 years ago. Teaching Boxercise. I saw many a bad example of 'gym instructors' then and this 'personal trainer' set up now seems all geared to help your wallet lose weight.
    I do have relations who have been competitive amateur athletes all their lives so have had great advice from them.

    But if I need some more advice I will drop you a line for surest
    Much appreciated.
  6. Too true mate.....

    Personal trainers are all BS....

    My basis of training sounds much like yours.....boxing, athletics and some old school Army PT thrown in during Army Cadets when I was in school...

    Have at it mate - start slow....you won't know yourself in 8 weeks
  7. No one else wants to know him either
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  8. That's it mate.
    There is nothing worse than seeing personal trainers have out of shape people attempting exercises designed for elite athletes.
  9. BAM ! Haha you are on fire tonight Rodders !
  10. I think its more a case of........... Dear Charles Atlas,
    I've now finished the course could you please forward the muscles.
    Signed Mick.
  11. if only I had the money :( good luck with the sale
  12. Cheers mate. It hasn't sold yet so save your pennies !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.