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[Sold] Yamaha VMax 1200

Discussion in 'Archived' started by QQQ, Mar 27, 2015.

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    This is part two of my master plan which is to buy an adventure bike and a track bike. Part one isn't going so well (ZX9 hasn't sold yet) so lets see if I am more successful with this one.

    1988 Yamaha VMax 1200
    Full power model originally imported from Canada, it was originally yellow and I bought it off a Ulysses member and called it 'Big Bird' ala sesame street yellow bird..
    I rebuilt it about a year ago including.......

    18" Carrozerria billet wheels (massive change to handling, actually goes round corners! Price for this privilege is over $3K but it was so worth it!)
    Pirelli Night Dragon tyres 180/55 18 and 130/70/18
    UFO full stainless exhaust system with ceramic coated headers
    Morleys muscle seat
    Forks/triple clamps off a 95 model VMax (bigger diameter) with Racetech 0.9 springs, rebuilt approx 6 months ago (new Yamaha seals)
    New air filter
    New plugs
    New bearings throughout
    Progressive 444 shocks (standard length)
    Kawasaki ZX14 radial clutch and brake master cylinders
    Extreme Creations billet alloy brake master reservoirs anodised black
    Venhill braided clutch and brake lines
    New clutch slave cylinder
    Carbs stripped and rebuilt approx 6 months ago
    Billet carb top intakes (Exactrep)
    EBC wave rotors
    R1 brake calipers
    EBC HH pads
    Drag bars
    Eastern beaver headlight relay kit (small headlight now puts out a great spread of light)
    LED indicators with resistors so it flashes at normal rate
    LED tail lights
    Crimp fix done
    Oil pan supply line mods done
    Powdercoated grab rail, rear brake lever, fork bottoms, headlight surround, rear caliper etc
    Also comes with Yamaha oem backrest powdercoated in black as well as the standard grab rail (not pictured but they are $$)

    Registered until July 2015 and currently has approx 45000klms.

    I also have the standard wheels with discs that can go with the bike if you want them.

    The bike is not in perfect condition, to bring it closer to that I would replace the switchgear and probably powdercoat the engine cases to finish it off. If I don't sell it that'll be my next expenditure.

    Reason for sale is that I want to buy a new Triumph 800XCX and can't afford to have both.

    As far as I know this is the only set of these wheels in Australia and they have absolutely transformed how this Vmax handles.

    Any questions please ask and I'm happy to assist with interstate transport.


    or for $12000 I'll throw in a free ZX9R ;-) VMax (1). VMax (2). VMax (3). VMax (4). VMax (8). VMax (7). VMax (6). VMax (5). VMax (4).
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  2. Price drop $9500 ono
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    Price drop $9500
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