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[Sold] Womens bike gear

Discussion in 'Archived' started by aus_dragon, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. For sale
    - Used about twice Sartso Killer kevlar jeans with butterfly design. Size 12. $50
    - Good condition purple camo Dragon pants not used often. Few marks around ankles. Size 12. $50
    - Pink/black ladies Rjays jacket. Hardly used. Size ds. $60 20141106_195207. 20141106_195434. 20141106_195515.

  2. Price drops

    - Sartso Killer kevlar jeans . Size 12. $40
    - Dragon pants Size 12. $40
    - Rjays jacket. Size ds. $40
  3. Still available?
  4. Hi yea all still available
  5. Could you please confirm the size of the jacket?
    It says ds but I'm assuming that it's xs?
    Definitely interested in the pants though - where are you located?
  6. Hi

    The jacket says it is "DS" I was a size 10 when buying it if that helps.

    We are is Stanhope Gardens
  7. Hi I sent you a pm
  8. Still available?
  9. I have someone possibly buying if i don't hear buy tomorrow then you can buy them. Postage for you would be $15.50
  10. ok let me know
  11. Are they sold?
  12. no they are yours if you would like them
  13. ok i will take the sartso i will send you a pm
  14. Other pants paid for 30/12....
    Awaiting arrival....
  15. Paid weeks ago. No pants.
    Either send them, or send back the money.
  16. Anything still available?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.