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SOLD [VIC] Honda VTR250 2008 10000kms

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by guye777, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Time to upgrade. So selling my perfect learning bike...

    Beautiful condition, Pearl Black VTR250. Ozzy Knobs. Tank protector. Oxford heated grips (yeah, on a VTR - and they work great!)

    (Keeping the tank bag and screen for my wife's VTR - sorry).

    First registered January 2008 (actually late 2007 build date). So there is 6 months rego left.

    Matching black wheels, forks, frame, swing arm.

    Serviced at Honda dealers as per book; two additional oil and filter changes by me. Recently new rear brake pads. Always kept under cover. Only 10,000 kms.

    Garaged NE Melb suburbs, sometimes take it to work in CBD, and other NetRider meets. So call me to arrange a look-see...

    Edit 29/08: Now with RWC, new front tyre, oil filter and fresh oil :grin:

    Who: Guy
    What: 2008 Honda VTR 250
    Extras: Oxford heated grips, Ozzy Knobs, Tank Protector.
    Kilometers: 9,800 kms
    How Much: $6,500 (make me an offer)
    Mobile: 0401 223 451
    Email: guy.elliott@vecommerce.com

    [Note the windscreen and tank bag are not included].



    Here are some more pics, taken today (Aug 2 2009) so you can see it is still in great shape!


  2. Oh - current pics now in OP (thanks mod).

    Basically looks the same as when I bought it - any NetRider will attest to that! Just ask Nibor, or JohnnyO - they're always ribbing me about how little I must use it to keep it so clean! :wink:
  3. Nice clean looking bike mate. Best of luck with the sale, though I don't think you'll be advertising for too long :)
  4. Good luck with the sale Guy, we wanna see piccies of the upgrade ASAP :p

    I might already have a buyer for mine 3 weeks before I'm ready to sell, they're still a very popular bike dispite LAMS
  5. i keep telling you, ride more, clean less!!
    i for one can definately vouch for an immaculately kept bike, pansied about when it does leave the carwash for the twisties :p

    a prospective buyer will not be disappointed with this investment :)
  6. Thanks guys. Now does anyone actually want to buy it? :)
  7. Price drop especially for NetRiders - see OP.

    Another week and then I'll start to put it out on the commercial channels guys - but it will be at a higher price of-course cause they're not my NR buddies!

    So please PM or call me for a chat if you're at all interested...
  8. You have stated that the price is $6,700 (plus govnt stuff, RWC). What are you planning on charging for the RWC?
  9. :LOL:

    Obviously I am not a licensed vehicle tester, so someone else would have to do this bit :grin:

    Seriously, if anyone wants to talk to me about my bike just drop me a line. Happy to discuss any and all questions.
  10. Thanks Luke.

    At the end of the day, dudes, the bike is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it.

    Now, I am an honest, fair-dinkum kind of bloke to which many (hopefully all) NRs who know me will attest - so I am not interested in ripping any newbies off.

    So, check out Red Book prices, call dealers, do what you want "seriously interested people" out there, then call me and have a chat. I am not a salesman, so I am not scary to talk to - I am not going to make you buy something you don't want, and more importantly that doesn't suit you!

    A quick check of similar bikes on bikesales.com.au should support what I am saying (note that mine is probably newer than nearly every one of these examples)...

  11. Sorry I probably didn't phrase my question correctly.
    Most people when selling a vehicle as registered will supply a RWC at time of sale, otherwise the plates need to be handed in. I gather however that you are planning on arranging the sale then having the prospective buyer pay the RWC costs?

    Just asking as I have a friend who is looking for a VTR and wanted to be accurate about the price.
  12. Welcome

    I think your price is reasonable. Best of luck with the sale!
  13. I attest :)
  14. Thanks OU818. PM sent.
  15. OK guys.

    So I am getting more serious now as the deposit has been placed on the new bike. :grin:

    The price now includes the RWC.

    Give me a call... 0401 223 451
  16. And after a busy weekend now also has a new front tyre, oil filter and fresh oil too...
  17. Price drop to $6,500 ONO
  18. Got an offer from Rivard - he works on a oil rig off WA coast, but he wants to pay $6800AUD and only if he can have it picked up himself - no delivery required.

    Sound good or what ?? :roll:

    However, pending the money actually hitting my bank account, I'll take other offers in the meantime :)
  19. ^^ he's got enough on his hands plugging leaking well heads...

    edit: spwelling
  20. Re: [VIC] Honda VTR250 2008 10000kms

    No money from the bastard Rivard! I am now beginning to think he wasn't exactly genuine :(

    So I am obviously still open to offers dudes!
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