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[Sold] VFR 800 2002 (VTEC)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by NOT4US, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. #1 NOT4US, Jul 15, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2013

    I really, really love this bike but want to get into adventure bikes (second try) so up for sale is my beloved Honda VFR 800 2002 VTEC.
    I have had it for just over a year (I've done just over 6,000kms on it) and it's been a great bike with that lovely V4 engine and the sport heritage it carries. There is a reason Honda hasn't make any major changes to this bike in over 10 years...

    Registration was renewed last month so you get 11 months of rego.
    Bike has never been crashed. A car hit it while parked and scratched the engine cover and fairings (that have been painted since).

    I have spent a lot of time (an money) in making this machine an even greater ride.
    This is what I've done to it in the last 12 months:
    - New Battery
    - New tyres (Michelin Pilot Power 2CT)
    - New fork internals (springs, valves and oil) and seals
    - New shock (Fireblade shock with custom spring and re-valved)
    - Installed manual cam chain tensioners
    - DID Chain and sprockets
    - Hi-Flo Air filter
    - NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
    - OEM Oil filter and oil changed 4 weeks ago (Honda original)
    - Galfer brake pads (front)
    - Delkevic shorty exhaust
    - Tinted screen
    - OEM top box carrier
    - 42L top box
    - Bike painted satin black

    As you can see the machine has been looked after and it runs (and sounds) amazing.
    It also comes with the original parts I removed (stock exhaust, clear screen, passenger grab rails and OEM rear fender) and the original pillion seat cover.

    It has had the VTEC valve clearance check done at 45,000km (it's currently just below 64,000km) so no need to worry about that one (pain in the ass on these bikes).

    Looking at $5,800 O.N.O.
    Locate in Randwick (inspections are welcome).

    Some pics:











    Forgot to add it also comes with the pillion seat cover (will try and get some pictures of it). With this and the pillion grab rails on it looks more "sportier".
    Inspections are welcome (anywhere between Eestern Suburbs and Sydney CBD)
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  2. I must admit I don't really dig Viffers.....but this is lovely - great ready to go Sport Tourer....

    GL with the sale.

    Which ADVs are you looking at?

  3. Thanks BitSar, it really is a lovely bike! Sad to see it go but feel like I'm done with it (maybe because I finally got it to the point where nothing else can be done it ;-)) and got an urge to move to something different.

    Was originally looking at the Triumph Tiger 800 but the road-oriented adventurers are getting my eye recently (Tiger Sport 1050, KTM SMT 990 and even the Duc Hyperstrada).
    I want something more upright that can take the odd gravel road, easy to commute on and also carry a pillion (I may be asking for too much here).
    If "finance" department allowed, would probably also look at something like the CaopoNord or Multistrada... but that's far off the radar for now.
  4. Good selection of bikes in the mix there - also take a look at the new breed liquid cooled BMWs.

    There are a lot of people getting into ADVs at the moment - might need to take the plunge myself one day.....
    ........enough thread derail..... :D
  5. I've been tempted by the BMWs but the price tags keep driving me away...
  6. Pity it isn't a 5th-gen viffer (1998-2001)... The 6th-gen is a smidge too wide for me at the hips. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I know what you mean, I was close to getting a 5th Gen (mostly for the gear driven cams) but is funny you mention the 6th gen being too wide as took both for test rides and the 5th gen felt bigger and harder to turn... maybe the one I rode wasn't in good shape though.
    I say this because one of the biggest let down on these bikes in stock form is the suspension and as soon as it goes (anywhere between 20,000km to 30,000km) the ride gets affected very badly.
    When I got mine first thing I did was get the suspension done and the difference is like day and night!
  8. I know exactly what you mean. My old girl had linear rate springs and re-valved forks and shock. It was a lot better than stock, but even then, I was starting to wish I'd put in an aftermarket shock...
  9. Once I replaced the rear shock on my '98 the difference was amazing. Can't wait to have the forks done.
  10. The difference with the forks wont be as big as with the shock (unless you replace the whole forks from USD ones or similar) but overall the riding gets a lot better, specially when entering corners.
  11. I've committed to buying a 5th-gen with only 19,840k's. The front suspension is rubbish in stock trim compared to my old bike's suspension. Can't wait to get a set of linear rate springs and a professional re-valve with dive control... Without a doubt, it's getting the suspension modified before I go anywhere near the twisties!
  12. Price dropped to $5,900 and new "sporty" pics added.
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  13. And another price drop! (weekend special hehehe).
    No, really, I have been test riding other bikes and want to sell this ASAP so the price has been lowered and will listen to offers.
  14. U have a pm
  15. hmm... tempting.
  16. Go on, give in to the temptation, you know you want to :devil:
    So far cockrocket has shown his interest and is about to inspect the bike in the next few days but any questions anyone may have please ask away.
  17. And its SOLD!
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