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[Sold] Two X U2 tickets Fri 3 Dec

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RoderickGI, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. SOLD: Two X U2 tickets Fri 3 Dec

    Two general admission tickets for sale to the sold out Friday 3 December 360 Tour concert at Etihad Stadium. Special guest JAY-Z.​

    The only tickets that can get you close to the stage and inside the circle!

    $220 for both
    These are not on eBay yet but will be soon - get in quick!!!

    This is for two HARD COPY tickets. Payment and delivery/pick-up to be arranged with the buyer.

  2. PM Sent.......
  3. Sold, paid for, delivered. Enjoy Holly!
  4. by seeing holly face at the concert i have to say that she enjoyed it very much....

    unlucky that you couldnt go.. you missed a great concert
  5. They actually went, we saw them at a tram stop as we were on the way out - they had two people pull out from the group they had tickets for
  6. Yep, we definitely went, and I'm still recovering. I feel like I was out on a binge last night, but didn't drink a drop. In fact, I think a bit of dehydration was the issue.

    Great concert, we were in the second row of people outside the walkway, just to the right of centre. Right up close and personal. The band members often stopped right in front of us when wandering around the walkway. Tiffany loved it.

    Sorry we didn't see (or hear) you at the lights straight away Holly. Besides the hearing impairment, crazy sore feet, and dehydration, we were just a little nackered! I would have loved to have the bike right there at Etihad and ridden straight home. I'm not sure I'd like parking it at Etihad though, with all those crowds.

    I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. :D
  7. how's your hearing Rod?
  8. Well I took my ear plugs along Cliff, but I didn't actually use them.

    I've had a cold for a couple of weeks, and my ears were pretty stuffed up anyway. I just held my nose, sucked in my breath to suck in my eardrums, and it cut the volume to just about right. I managed to maintain that effect for the whole concert, except for a couple of of short moments which showed the true volume of the concert. I would have used the ear plugs if I didn't have the cold!

    Tiff used ear plugs the whole time, protecting her good ear. Marty didn't use them at all, so he will be deaf for a week.

    Some of the base speakers were right in front of us. I could feel the wind from them, and they shook all my bones. Excellent!
  9. Last concert I went to was Eskimo Joe at a local club in Cairns. Band and therefore their speaker system no more than 5m in front of us. And EJ play some pretty loud music, so much so that I had ringing in my ears for 2-3 days later. The security man sat in front of the speakers the whole time with no ear protection.....
  10. ..... crazy man, who will be near deaf in his late middle age, or already is.

    I have a humming in my left ear, but that was there from the cold.

    I plan to keep my hearing. If it is too load, I get out of there. A couple of times I have been in a pub where the music was so loud it played havoc with my middle ear, which had physical consequences, such as dizzyness, poor balance, a bit of nausea and such. I was straight out of there.
Thread Status:
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