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[Sold] Tour Master Centurion One Piece

Discussion in 'Archived' started by SydMurse, Feb 10, 2015.

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  1. As stated in the title, one piece tourmaster centurion suit for sale. Never used, still with tags. Was optimistic with my height and brought a size too large from america. Tags still on. Didnt want to pay the postage for return.

    I am 5'7, would fit someone 5'10+


    I got it, with shipping, for over $600aus. Will sell for $300. Pick up only.

    It was generally considered the best all weather one piece, reviews here:
  2. Hi Syd! Did you end up selling the suit, man?
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  3. What size is the suit mate and where is the pick-up from?
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  4. Sorry. I didnt log on for awhile! Still have the suit, it a mens Large. Would be perfect for this winter weather.

    I live in Burwood area.
  5. Thanks for the reply but it'll be too small for me.
  6. Would you take $250, posted to 5044?
  7. SydMurse? I understand you're after pickup, but I'm in the market for an all-weather suit and have an itchy PayPal finger, can work for both of us.
  8. Put @ in front of his name, that will show up in alerts if he is on.

  9. I'm a Sydney boy with some cold hard cash to give you. Working at Westmead - bit of an excuse for a ride would be perfect
  10. Its a pretty heavy suit IsolationistIsolationist, the cost of shipping alone would be exorbitant, thats the main reason I just didnt return it for the proper size.

    ducatitrooperducatitrooper Sounds good. Is there a way I can message you my number so you try it on? Im working from 1200 today and sunday, but have monday and tuesday off.
  11. If Ducati drops out, I'll take it for $250 and will pay shipping (postage from NSW>SA shouldn't be too bad).
Thread Status:
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