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[Sold] Tiger Angel 2pc leather suit

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jessehall1987, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. #1 jessehall1987, Oct 23, 2014
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    Hey guys I have a set of tiger angel zip together leathers recently purchased from a guy who bought them new and only used them a handful of times . Reason I'm selling is there to big for me sadly . I'm usually a size 38-40 and there a good few inches to big on me I'm about 174cm tall and they fit ok but would be more then fine for some one a little taller .. Would consider swapping for smaller size or may sell . Just inbox me ...excellent condition no scratches or anything ...can send pics just can't put them on here as I'm on my iPad

    Located in newcastle

    And paid $650 was hoping to get $550 ..will post pics after work


  2. You say you normally take a size 38-0. Is that a pant/jean size or a jacket size?
    Any pics of the suit?
    Can you give an idea of the original owners size and weight to paint a better picture of the size?
    I have a mate who is around 6'1" and 97kgs and I think he might be keen if these would fit.
  3. Mate if you can invox me your number il send you a heap of pics he was say 6foot and maybe 105kg and yea 38-40 in pants size mate ..sorry for the muck around
  4. Actually they sound too big for my mate.
    He is probably a 36- 38 waste. You sound bigger around the waist than that and they are too big on you.

    Send me pics anyway. Ill PM you an email address.
  5. Tiger Angel do adjustments, I bought mine from there a few yrs ago and have since had them adjusted
  6. Yes, I know this as I also own a tiger angel 2 pce suit.

    It becomes cost prohibitive though when my mate could buy a brand new suit for not a lot more. Obviously it wouldn't have the quality of this one, but still..
  7. Why not run a tape around the inside of the waist and the inseam to get the sizing, it will help sell...
  8. there is no actual sizing on them but measuring waist its 48 inch and inseam from crutch to bottom of leg is 26inch looking at alpine star sizing chart I think its around a 3xl
  9. Is this suit still available? I'll be heading towards Newcastle tomorrow and would be interested.
  10. Hey mate sorry been offline for while . Just email me if your still interested .. jessehall1987@hotmail.com thanks mate
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