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Sold the Z750 and got myself a more "reasonable" FZ6

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by NOT4US, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. It's been a while since my last post and I feel like I have "abandoned" Netrider in favor of the FZ6-Forum but thought it was time to come back here and let you all know what what I'm riding now.
    And also thank everyone who suggested alternatives to the Zed on one of my previous threads!

    As some of you may know I decided to sell the 2010 Z750 and get something more "pillion-friendly".
    After much debating and test riding a VFR800, Hornet 900, Sprint St, Bandit 1250 and FZ6 I decided on the Yamaha as I found it to be the more reasonable and sensible option.
    It is very comfortable, handles 2-up riding pretty well, it's very smooth and very cheap in terms of maintenance/rego/insurance ($360 for comprehensive!).
    I didn't want to buy a new bike as I lost a few grand with the Zed so decided to limit my budget to $7K.
    After making my mind on the FZ6N (loved nakeds!) and watching the used market for a while I found a 2006 FZ6S with less than 30K's for only $5K and with some tasty mods such as Two Bros pipes, Power Commander and K&N Filter.
    So got the Yammy and thna have $2k for insurance and mods!
    First mod was to get rid of the fairing and convert the S into an N (pics further down).
    Also got some nice eBay pazzo rip-off shorty levers installed.
    Next on the list:
    - R6 forks(waiting on shipping from the US)
    - R6 Monoblock calipers (got them)
    - Goodridge braided lines (got them)
    - New tires (not sure what to get, looking a Pirelli Diablo's)
    - FZ6 2007+ swingarm (talking to wreckers).

    So without further ado, here are some pics of the girl before and after mods:


    And one of the speedo view:
  2. nice bike, I test road one a while back before I got the hornet900, lighter then the hornet and not as much torque but it did ride nicely, very quiet I found, see the mods in mind will 'perk' yours a little :)
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    Congrats. Can't view the pics on the iPhone, but from the thumbnails it looks very nice.
  4. FZ6's were going for stupid prices last winter. I nearly bought a stock FZ6S with 15,000 km for $6000. Decided it wasn't quite right for me during a test-ride, which was disappointing because on paper it was a sure-thing.

    The FZ6N looks very handsome to my eye - nice work on the changeover NOT4US!
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    Thanks mate.
    That was one of the deciding factor for me, how light and nimble it felt.
    You are right with the torque, but mine with the pipes, PC and filter has got a lot more power down low than stock.

    Thanks :wink:
    You are right, these bikes are selling cheap! I was trying to get a 2007 upwards model (S2, with revised brakes and swingarm) but those are hard to find used and they kept the price really well, so I thought I'd get a S1 and modify it and still come out cheaper.

    I don't really dig the half-fared bikes much. To me is either full fairing or nothing, and this bike was made to be naked!

    Another mode I forgot to add is the mirrors. I currently have some used Z750 mirrors on it but have already ordered bar-ends, should be here next week.
  6. Nice work N4S, I'm riding a Zeal now for my first bike and looking at the FZ6 as an upgrade in March for the same reasons - good looking, and good bargains to be had. I love the nakeds, prefer the inline 4s, and the FZ6 look good as a practical commuter but with the performance to match in the twisties. I'll watch your mods with interest.
  7. Very nice mate! A very sensible bike, and good for pillioning too! Congrats that you are back on two wheels!
  8. is Yamaha is good
  9. Nice.

    I was 10 seconds from the litre version of this after my insurance cheque turned up....I could not find a better bike for the price, at the time. A dude bought it when I went out to cool my pockets (the cheque was burning a hole in them). The FZ was VERY nice, just a tad small for me.

  10. Don't doubt the sporty abilities of the FZ6. Young Lachie was doing 1.37s around the creek on one all last year!

    A bit of talent and some ohlins helps of course :)
  11. Ajiribarren, thanks for the comment. We can't no longer say we have the Zed twins anymore...

    Fullcore, I was also contemplating the FZ1 for a while but I found it not to be such a good value and a lot more expensive to keep on the road (insurance, rego and CTP). Plus the pillion comfort is not as good as the FZ6.

    I have never done any track days but going by what ozmotorcycleleathers is saying I may have to star planning on taking the Faz to the track soon.

    By the way, got the S2 swingarm yesterday and brand new '04 R6 forks and calipers are on its way from the states (should get here in the next week or so).
    Here's hope for some good weather on the long weekend (taking Friday off) so I can do the swingarm swap.
  12. Took the day off yesterday and managed to swap the swingarm!
    Now I've got a sturdier and lighter swingarm and the chain adjustment process got a whole lot easier!



  13. lookin sweet!