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Sold the bikes now

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. waiting for a reply from the bank too gimme some doush. i will neva trade in a bike again!! refianced my loan so far ok , said i have enuff to get more plus i paid all my payments on time for 2 years and was ahead $500 , only scared if they say no .

    sorry if this is a rant just need to get this off my chest coz im paranoid

  2. mate, it's only natural to feel concerned. im sure it will be ok.

    this moment you're having, is a moment where you are dependent on another person to do the right thing by you because if they dont, you're screwed.

    at last! now theres someone who knows how i feel with my CTP claim. this is it mate, this is what it is. but with an insurance company, they have nothing to gain by doing the right thing by you and have a habbit of letting you down, even at the last minute, even when you're on the operating table.

    now, imagine a BULLY in an insurence company? i had to put up with that for 6 years. that was torture. my needs were dangled over my head like a dog treat.

    ie; when i needed replacement batteries for the wheelchair [shopping one] she said 'i dont think so' and i convinced her to consider it. 3 days away from the service i had booked she still didnt have an answer for me. the day before the service she said 'look, i will think about it but im pretty sure im going to say no'. on the day of service she was sick so i spoke to her boss who said 'sure, no problem, i will send the fax now'.

    ^ that was one of the lighter things. she use to say ' we could remove your social taxi expenses but wont because that would be really mean', and 'its GOOD that we re-imburse your social taxi expenses'.

    then one day i got a letter saying 'we are no longer re-embersing your social taxi expenses'.

    it was all about fun for that woman. she did many 'mean' things and i know she knew it and did it deliberately.

    here's my advice, if you're worried you might come across a person like that [which you wont] dont appear too needy [they thrive on it] dont appear abrupt either.

    you are able to hold a job, able to write a letter, able to pay your bills, and talking business.

    you will be fine. they wont to give you the loan because it means more money for them, so please don't stress over it, that wont change a thing ok.

    cheers :cool:
  3. thanks for the advice , means i have no bikes then sniff
  4. ^ um, my 'advice' doesnt mean that.

    dont worry until worry worries you

    you're without a bike for only a matter of days. think about the fact you're getting a new bike! yay! how exciting for you!

    i cant wait to see a pic of your new bike.

    so, wipe ya nose and get shopping!
  5. You'll be right, Matti - don't stress. Like Stump said, banks want to give money away so the can leech all that interest off you :)

    There's a bike out there with your name on it... go find it :cool:
  6. is ksystems one of the matti's with a new name?

    that dog looks like 'loz'! hmm?

  7. Not this Matti! :grin:

    Weird huh? two Matti's and both not short for Matthew as all the rest are!