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Sold the bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boro_baba, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hi fellow netriders...

    As some of you may know I had court case early last week. Just thought Id let you guys know how it went.

    12 months suspended sentence
    4 months I.C.O (Intensive Corrections Order)
    12 months liscence loss
    $750 fine

    I have sold my car and my bike and am now making freinds with public transport! :(

    Hopefully by this time next year I will be back on the roads BUT with a better attitude towards the law :)

    Ciao 4 now.

  2. Well that was certainly better than the other options being bandied around originally.

    What is an Intensive Corrections Order?? Is that community service?
  3. what did u do to go thru all this ?? :|
  4. That is a good result, considering what you were facing.
  5. The I.C.O is a prison sentence that is served in the community. Its like community service but one level higher.

    Yea it is certainley better than the original thing.

    If any one has any court issues and needs a good lawyer at a good price PM and i'll send you the details.
  6. Well I'm glad to hear that you're not currently initiating an intimate friendship with your cell mate Bubba.

    You must be greatly relieved.

    See you back on the road in 12 months, hopefully with a little more restraint :wink:
  7. LoL!

    Thanks matey.

    Am I legally allowed to ride on a race track? or is that band as well?

    Just curious.
  8. You don't need a road licence to ride on the track :) Buy yourself a trackie and get out there, guaranteed that you'll be better for it once you're allowed back on the road.
  9. Awsum!

    Thanks mate.
  10. You're one lucky fella. Behave yourself eh, or those 12 months will really hurt.
  11. No point buying a lotto ticket, you have used up all your luck for now! Good outcome, does the order mean you can keep your current job?
  12. LoL!!!

    Yea my luck fund has gone dry! :p

    Yea I can keep my job. Going back to Uni at the start of next year as well!
  13. Well a good outcome and a lesson learnt I suspect.
  14. oooo matti.... TRUST me you suspect right!
  15. I speak for us all as I hopie
    This stops you from acting so dopey.
    So ride like a granny
    And save your poor fanny
    From "Baba and Bubba Get Soapy."
  16. I'm not totally sure about this, but I was told by a copper that you can go for "driving disqualified" on private property. Check with your lawyer.
  17. Loz your a funny c*nt :p

    Yea i'll defenantley double check that with the lawyer.
  18. Okay I've been PM'd by a fair few people asking what I was up againts. Thought I'de save time and post here.

    I had initially lost my liscence for 6 months commencing november last year during the 6 months I got convicted of the following.

    3x Riding while suspended
    2x Riding while disqualified
    1x 140 in a 70 zone
    5x not displaying L's
    1x Disobeying police orders
    1x Lane splitting
    3x riding a 600cc motorcycle when liscenced for a 250

    I initally lost my liscence due to.

    Running a red light
    Not displaying P plates
    Doing 110 in a 60 zone

    I state these with shame not pride!
  19. you're one lucky boy, glad to hear it all worked out
  20. It may take an idiot to do the shit that got you unstuck, but takes a MAN to admit he's been one.
    Good Luck mate .. and FFS lets not see a repeat performance, the consequences will be alot worse next time.

    Lets hope the next 12 mths comes as goes as quickly as a poltician's promises :p