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Sold the Baby V

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. sup all

    the baby V has been sold!

    it taught me alot about learner riding, and i'm thankful for the experience, but i ended up hating it as it jackhammered my tailbone (which is why y'all wouldve seen me riding around on the missus' vtr).

    seeing the missus is now pregnant and can't ride, not sure if she is gonna keep it for after the baby is born (so she can get out of the four walls) or we sell it for baby money...

    at least i won't be embaressing malcolm's Jardines anymore...:)

  2. whatever Mrs Mav does after the baby is born do not, under any circumstances, allow any aspect of her license to lapse; she may not want to ride for 12 more years, but she sure won't want to start her motorcycle license process all over again.....
  3. +1 to that. There's also the fact that, the more current licenses there are out there, the more political clout we have. And non-riding license holders are great. They don't crash so they improve the stats for the rest of us :D.
  4. oh i wouldn't worry about that Hornet...she is determined to hang onto it

  5. Tell Mrs Mav congrats with the mini Mav in her tummy :).

    Nah you wont be embarrassing me anymore dude, cant beat that cruiser sound unless its from an old school big block V8. I can understand your tailbone pain though. I really want to sell my V 650 for the same reasons as you. I haven’t ridden my bike since last Friday and have been bed and house bound for most of the week. Basically have a compression of the spinal disk, I blame the cruiser’s sitting position and the fact that I was riding the bike around everywhere last week. I really love the bike though :(.

    How did you sell yours and are you planning of replacing it?
  6. Yeah... don't want to have to go through LAMS again like I did due to a license lapse from the 80's.

    What's that Malcom? Are you saying your bike causes back problems? Julia (Blaisette) is interested in getting a v-Star in the near future and she already experiences back problems. Can you elaborate on the problems you experienced please.

    PS. Congrats on the other half's pregnancy Mav.
  7. Interesting, I don't experience any discomfort at all on my V-Star 650
  8. Azn: sorry to hear about your invalid state. was it really from riding bikes or from women riding you? :demon:

    if the missus can handle me using her bike, then no, i won't be replacing it

    if she can't, i'll be getting another one

    Blaise: cheers for the congrats, i'll pass it on to the missus

    also, with regards to cruiser riding, the front pegs are forward, and sometimes set your feet higher than what they'd be on a sports / naked bike, hence you will be sitting on your tail bone. it looks like you are sitting on your cheeks, but you are just sitting on the meat around your tailbone, and after a few days, bang, you got the penguin walk. this can go through and affect your lower spinal column. i too have a bad lower disc, and this discomfort was amplified on the Baby V.

    i find sitting on my missus' vtr sooo much more comfortable, as i am sitting on my cheeks and absorbing rattles and bounces through my thighs, i do a 100km daily commute so i'm in a world of comfort right now...(just gotta beat the wind blast)
  9. lucky

    do you have a history of back problems or back related injuries?
  10. Yep, get lower back pain from almost breaking my back as a young fella showing off to girls on a trampoline.
  11. did you land on the girls?
  12. Should'a. Did a somersault that didn't quite go all the way round, and landed on my neck. Wasn't as much fun as it sounds.
  13. you would've had an awesome view of them up close, when they were hovering over you to see if you were all right :demon:, bet you wish you had a GoPro strapped to your head then...:)
  14. He he he, this was even pre-internet, back when we were allowed to run with sticks and eat dirt. GoPro.....waaaaaay in the future.
  15. Hahahaha Mav you’ve got a very dirty mind, sadly that’s not the case :(.

    Its like Mav said.

    Feet forward with most of your weight supported by your back and spine, you also bounce around on bumpy roads.

    Weight supported by your arm, legs and back. For bumpy roads its also easier to stand on the pegs to better absorb the jolts.
  16. So washing your mouth with soap wasnt because of the swear words?
  17. Thanks for the info Mav... Julia had an Intruder and didn't seem to have problems with that. Well, until she tried to mate with the Landcruiser :( BTW. She did break a bone after all... yesterday we were at a specialist with new X-rays and he noted that she had a break in her first finger on her left hand. Strange how all the X-rays and checks back in the hospital last October failed to show it.

    As for the forward peg position - I rode her bike a few times and although I didn't get a sore back, I did notice the strain was taken more-so by the back. My rides were usually less than 40 minutes so maybe that's why I didn't notice any real problems. On the other hand, Julia and I have ridden for hours at a time and she hasn't ever complained of back problems caused by the bike.
  18. Sorry to hear about Julia, never good having an off. Ive always found the specialists far better at their job than the general guys in hospital, ive always found them so much more expensive though. A 40 minutes ride is pretty short and doesn’t strain my back at all, it’s the multi hour ones that do, maybe ill ride in shorter bursts now.
  19. Tell me about it... $170 for a quick look at some X-rays and a squeeze of her leg. Went to Medicare afterwards and only got a $70 rebate.