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[Sold] TCX X-Street boots & Forceriders kevlar jeans

Discussion in 'Archived' started by AcidTrip, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. #1 AcidTrip, Oct 29, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
    Time for another gear sale.

    First up, TCX X-street waterproof boots in size US8.5/42. So I've been trying to get into using riding boots but I just can't do it. Even "street" ones.I've worn them for 5 days, and that's enough to know the rigidness isn't for me. Yes it's a safety issue but I'm far more comfortable on the daily wearing my Bates armoured boots. So these can go to someone who appreciates them. Bought from Revzilla for an extortionate sum, they can be yours for cheap cheap comparably.

    $100 + postage or pick up from Hawthorn/Richmond.



    So I've had a break from riding for 6 weeks while my Duck has been getting repaired, and in the meantime I've lost a few kilos. So I'm selling my Forcerider slim jeans. Supremely comfortable, I was skeptical at first but they are a much better fit then my Draggins and feel more comfy. Butt dyno says so.

    Bought them both the week before the Ducati went to insurance heaven. Blue pair has been sold, black pair remains. 32" waist, worn twice, no armour as that was sold with the blue pair.

    One pair without armour = $50 + postage or pick up from Hawthorn/Richmond.


    Losing money on all of them but oh well. Cest la vie.
  2. What size are the jeans ?
  3. That would help ... 32 waist!
  4. I'll try the blue pair with armour please.
    Can I try them on ?
  5. PM sent to you Stever
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  6. Blue jeans gone. Black pair remains, as do the TCX boots.
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  7. Yep, all gone. Please close!
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