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[SOLD][SYD & NSW Sthn Highlands] 2006 Z1000 - $9,900

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by adinfinitum, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. 2006 black Kawasaki Z1000
    Excellent condition
    Braided front lines
    Rizoma Italian Billet mirrors
    Rizoma Italian Billet grips
    Tail Tidy
    LED Blinker conversion

    Located near Camden NSW. Bike in perfect condition - selling because of impending family addition :-({|=

    $9,900 - offers considered.

    PM me for phone number. I'll get some better photos shortly (also see my garage).


  2. price drop


    Any last offers from Forum members before I go to BikePoint?
  3. Tempted. I test rode one of these 2 weeks ago, and I thought it was crap. Compared to the VFR800, the Z1000 had no tourque, and bugger all power until you absolutely rang it's neck... and even then, it didn't feel like a thou should....

    Maybe I should test ride a different one this weekend and see if it's any different. Can you comment on what the power feels like to you? The one I rode, the seller seemed dodgy, so it may have been in poor condition.... dunno...
  4. Hi F.A.T.

    If you're comparing it to you VFR, then torque will be lower, particularly <6000rpm. Naturally your V4 config is designed for torque.

    The real beauty of the zthou is >6000 and again >9000. The power curve is huge and highly exillerating. I love the Z once I learned it's power bands but of course, I'm slowing down in my old age and am thinking of something more cruiser-like.

    I got pulled over a couple of weeks ago on Razorback and decided the Z is no fun unless it's being illegal :wink:
  5. i might consider a swap with cash adjustment but if your after a sale only then i must walk away.
    always wanted one of these things.. just gold
  6. No swapsies, thanks anyway [-X

    If you're talking about the ER6 - That's my wife's bike and I'll be using that for myself pending my own newbie.
  7. fair enough.. ill just have to go get a new one.. :p
  8. GONE

    Sold yesterday through this forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.