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[Sold] SV650 2005 Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ricardo68, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. #1 ricardo68, Aug 6, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2013
    Bike.JPG Bike1.JPG Bike2.JPG Bike3.JPG Bike4.JPG SV650
    Surry Hills Sydney
    May 2014 Rego

    Hi fellow Netriders,

    The time has come to sell my beautiful SV650 Streetfighter. It has around 33,000 kms but rides like new thanks to a newer motor!

    This was originally a write-off and was lovingly brought back to life by a fellow Netrider member ...

    It began life as a red SV650S with the bikini fairings but due to a bingle the lights were replaced with a unit (genuine) from an XT660X.

    It was then painted Streetfighter black and setup with the following:

    - Motor from a 10,000 km 2009 bike (about 5,000 km ago)
    - Trailtech Speedo
    - Leo Vince exhaust with baffle removed and heatwrap
    - K & N Filter about 1,000 kms old
    - New forks with heavier springs and oil than OEM (old ones were bent in bingle and setup for a jockey)
    - GSXR rear shock (old one was for a lighter rider)
    - Shorty levers
    - Read hugger
    - Belly pan
    - New style grips
    - New leather seat cover
    - Rear seat cowl (original seat included)
    - Ventura rack for added useability (easy removal)

    All the fluids and filters have been replaced very recently (1,000 kms) so there's really not that much to do but buy it and ride it !!

    While the bike rides perfectly the bike is not in perfect condition. It has a ding in the tank thanks to being parked next to a scooter rider in the city who domino'd into it from the right causing it to fall on it's left side and tipping it over. It has a scratch on the left grip and lever from this and a screw (yes screw!) when the gear lever thingy is. It has worked perfectly like that for 6 months (passing rego).

    The thing seriously runs great and would be a perfect step up bike for someone just off their Ps ( I rode it for 3 months on my Ps but would not recommend this as it is NOT LAMS).

    Please post questions below or feel free to contact me with a private message.
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  2. More pics ...

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  3. That thing is SEXY! Somehow doubt it would be a good commuter though, which is what I'm after ...
  4. Actually it's the perfect commuter ... Very cheap on petrol, light, manoeuvrable and while it's not the most powerful bike the torque is right down in the rev range where you would want it! It doesn't get hot in traffic either like my old fireblade 954rr which was too hot and heavy for me.

    I'm now looking for a sports tourer as the wife wants to come on weekends away which this bike can't really do (with any comfort anyway) ... I'm thinking vfr now!
  5. Yeah same same, I'm now looking at a BMW F800GT. If I could sell my Ducati easier, I'd have this shipped down to Melb in no time for the city run around. It's a sexy machine mate, credit to you!
  6. Hmmm.... you will have a very interested test rider if it's still for sale October 10
  7. (Can't edit the above post? :S) What weight rider was the bike set up for? I'm about 80kg with the gear on
  8. Gorgeous bike, stunning actually. I'd pay you in cash right now if it was LAMs.

    Is there anyway to like "re-lam" a bike? not a word, and a stupid question, but hey, I'm known for that.
  9. mark, there is not a way.
  10. Unfortunately no :( the bike came out prior to the lams laws and can't be lamsed. Toady if its still here in Oct it's all yours !!
  11. There's a new bike in the garage so this baby must go !!!
  12. Still looking ... Man that's very tempting to have shipped down for my commuter ... I highly doubt it would pass Vic RWC though lol.
  13. It shouldn't be too big an issue, it only got its NSW rwc last year (blue slip).

    Either that or you could have a friend in NSW who's happy to redirect you mail ;)
  14. Hey folks this bad boy is still for sale !! Please buy me
  15. I daresay that is probably the sexiest SV I've seen in my life! Where's it located? I'm in the Sydney CBD and the only transport I've got at the moment is the public kind… and it sucks!
  16. Hell yes it is :) I'm in the Syd CBD most days including tomorrow so if you would like to check it out let me know! I'll pm you my number.
  17. Hey mate

    Very interested, Going to shoot you a PM. Please call me ANYTIME convient to yourself. Very interested.
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