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[Sold] Spyke 1pc leather suit almost new

Discussion in 'Archived' started by lucas001, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys, I'm selling my 1 piece Spyke leather suit, it was bought about a year ago and I used it twice since then I sold my bike unfortunately... now, as I need to pay mortgage (it sux to be a grown up) I'm getting rid of my gear.. first to go will be my beloved suit. Knee sliders are almost new, no scratches on leather or anything... its an awesome and very comfortable suit, lots of carbon fiber near the knees and shoulders for maximum protection.

    Size 50(need to confirm but I'm pretty sure it is)

    I has its own carry bag and hanger.

    It does like to chill out a bit see pics, please let me know if you need any more pics and I will post. Thanks :)

    $1280 OBO
  2. price drop $1000
    it was 2K + when new... grab a bargain...
  3. bump.. for $1000 I will throw in the SIDI VERTIGO BOOTS in the picture...

    size 43 BTW
  4. pictures dont seem to be coming up-could you please pm me some. what size boots?
  5. hi mate, sorry I was overseas, please see below, boots size 43. It looks pretty new the boots are in the box, the suit was always stored in the protective bag, I can send you pics in detail if youre interested . Thanks.
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    suit is now sold, pending payment, boots still available. :) I also have a pair of RS Taichi GP-EVO gloves for sale.
  7. Mate, interested in the boots. Could you PM me a better photo? Cheers
  8. hi mate, I'm sorry the forum was offline for me yesterday, not sure if it was a tech issue... please see below.. also let me know where are you based if interested so I can calculate postage. cheers.

    Size M -$130 good condition still. Best gloves I ever had but I ride cafe racers now, so no point in keeping them...
  9. Thanks for the boots mate. They arrived today. Absolutely the best boots I've put on my feet EVER. Pleasure doing business with you
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  10. Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback. Suit still up for sale. it went up all the way to VIC and back as it didn't fit the buyer, tall bugger ;P
  11. Is the suit still around? What size is 50 going to fit?
  12. sold

    gloves still up for grabs.
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