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[Sold] Single Motorcycle Carrier

Discussion in 'Archived' started by SPJ, Jul 28, 2015.

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  1. | Versahaul

    Paid a lot for this in Australia.

    Its a great system, lights and indicators have been added.

    Reason for sale, Jnr now has a dirt bike so i need a trailer.

    $195 DSC_0487.

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  2. So, would this be suitable for a honda cb500f?, thanks
  3. Should be ok, 500 pounds (227kg) is its rating and the wet weight of the CB500F is 425 pounds (193kg) claimed.
  4. mainly carried the dirt bike - that was a 500 so should be ok ??
  5. I so could see the benefit of that.

    Especially if you did track days
  6. That looks great, was it easy to load and unload? There's an Australian company called nicerack that makes something similar called a Moto-tote, 250kg load rated but they're like $800 :-S
  7. very easy - the only addition I’d recommend is KYA RACING one of these for extra security.
  8. Depends on what your car is too, my sedan has a towball downforce rating of 100kg. The Q7 in the picture is rated to 350kg. Check your owners manual.
  9. Yeah a while ago I was looking at getting one of these hitches but the back step on my van is aftermarket and the tow ball mount is welded underneath without a plate with load ratings... I've no doubt it'd be good for a couple of hundred kilos, I've towed some bloody heavy trailers before but this hitch is all tongue weight, very different to a trailer where axles share the load. I might have to get someone to check it over and give me a load rating... I wonder where I'd get something like that done
  10. #10 SPJ, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2015
    still for sale
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