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[Sold] Sidi Vortice boots size 45

Discussion in 'Archived' started by SteadyEddie, Oct 26, 2014.

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  1. I bought these alongside TCX boots that I find myself wearing more and more often. This pair has seen 1 season of touring and a few track days but overall in great condition.

    They are top of the line Sidi boots alongside Mag-1. Well known for giving the rider a chance of banging the bike up into a mythical 7th gear increasing torque, horsepower and street cred.

    Asking $350 but if you can breakdance with the boots on, happy to drop the price.

    20141025_183756. 20141025_183812. 20141025_183827.

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  2. Just how much of discount for breakdancing are we talking?
  3. Depends on how well you can nod during windmills :finger:

    PM if interested.
  4. Bah more people with small feet.. ;)
  5. haha :)

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  6. Hang on isn't EU45 Size 10 - 11 Aus, they are clod hoppers or are you being ironic, its hard to tell now days. ;)
  7. Hey mate, there is a lot of irony going around on Netrider yes :)

    They fit somewhere between a 10-11, its a 45 in euro. They aren't little.
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  8. Sold. And my, the kid could breakdance.
  9. Nice on sale btw.

    Oh no irony, as for myself, 12-13 depending on brands for shoes and Bike boots 48's seem to fit me best.
  10. Aah, you would be shit out of luck in a lot of places. Do you find yourself getting top deals at closeout sales, because all they have left are your sizes?? :)
  11. Yes and No, as there is normally limited stock in the first place, then you have to get in there faster then all the other Big foots.
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