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[Sold] SHOEI Neotec

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Bremith, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Purchased for car rallying but CAMS have changed rules and I can't use now. Used for 1 rally only, visor never even fitted (not required in car). Paid $799 in March 2014. Size Large. Absolutely unmarked and as new.


    Mobile 0417 875 370

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  2. Wouldn't you have more luck joining a forum more targeted to, errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, cars perhaps?
  3. No that's the point - is a flipface motorcycle helmet that I bought because it suits rallying (constantly in and out of car and talking to people and stuff) but CAMS now require everyone to use Frontal Head Restraint devices (eg HANS) and the SHOEI Neotec - although a great helmet - isn't approved for that, so now I have a helmet that has no use for me in rallying but is still the same great helmet for someone with a motorcycle. But I don't have a motorcycle.

    So if someone with a motorcycle wants a brand new $800 helmet for $499 (or thereabouts) then here's an opportunity. I bought it because it was so well reviewed for comfort use and safety - built in visor, flipface etc - and had a quick look on this site and there are positive reviews/feedback from people who have bought one.

    The one time I wore it - it was great!
  4. Ah, I see........... just buy a bike - problem solved ;)
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