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[Sold] Shark Speed-R Series 1 Avenger (XL)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Lazy Libran, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    My new(ish) Helmet is on the market and comes with an anti-fog insert as well.

    A brief history available here : Shark Speed-R Series 1 : Avenger Series Helmet | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    I've worn it a total of 3 times (Totalling to about 30 mins of wear or so).

    It has been fixed (the whole top unit has been replaced with a new one) by Shark and returned to me a few days ago. I tried it on at home and feels really good but probably will not take it out for a test ride as I'm planning to sell it off.

    Reasons for Selling:

    1. I bought a size too large and it seems very loose. I'm able to move it up/down and sideways with ease and it shouldn't be the case.
    2. A known fact that the visor takes a bit of getting used to when trying to open it. I've got a bit of OCD in this regard and I want to be able to do it easily so this is a bit of a 'spoiler' for me (Yes, I'm a bit Lazy). Other Shark owners that I've spoken to are fine with this feature and don't find it a problem
    3. Because this was with Shark, I'd to go out and buy another Helmet in the interim. So AT this stage, I don't need 2 full functioning helmets
    4. I REALLY like the Shoei TZ-X as it allows me to wear my glasses and as said before, it's a bit of OCD that I just seem to prefer Shoei. They fit better on my melon-shaped head :)


    It was on specials so I paid $440 for it (Down from $569 or something like that) and I'm willing to sell for $350 or so.

    So if you're a Shark fan and you've got a XL size requirement, please let me know. This is a good price for a new helmet worn for a total of 30 minutes.

    I'm too lazy to go out and post it etc so would prefer a Pickup only (Ringwood, VIC) but am willing to be not-so lazy for a fellow NR member. :)

    Any questions, please ask!

    Here are some internet pics. It does look awesome in real!

  2. Nyet! Still here with me.

    If you want, please lock the thread.
  3. Price Drop:

    $200 now.
  4. Damn, looks a great helmet. Ive never tried on a Shark, and only Recently bought a new old stock Arai Vector. Hope you sell it, that's heaps cheap!
  5. Looks like it will not sell so Plan to use it on the commute and the main one on weekend rides.

    Mods, how do I lock the thread?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.