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[Sold] Shark Speed-R Carbon Skin, Helmet (L)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by ajiribarren, Sep 8, 2015.

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  1. #1 ajiribarren, Sep 8, 2015
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    Up For sale a practically new, slightly used (4-5 times) Shark Speed – R Helmet Carbon Skin in Large. $200 o.b.o <mod-edit>
    Ok, so before anyone yells “Heresy! You shouldn’t sell a used helmet” hear me out first, and after I answer some common question you might have, you can draw your own conclusions.

    Q: “Why are you selling it?”

    A: Just a matter of fit. It doesn’t fit my head as I expected.

    Q:”…but, didn’t you try it at the store?”

    A: Yes I did, but not for long. You see, it was an impulse buy (went to buy a pinlock insert for my current helmet, saw the Shark at a reasonable price, and ended up buying the helmet and not the pinlock). I did try it in the store, but only a couple of minutes, and since I had Shark Helmets in the past I thought “Yup, this will do”

    Q: “Has it been dropped or abused?”

    A: Not at all, has been lightly used, not even broken in I reckon. I don’t commute on the bike and haven’t had a lot of time in the past months to even ride the bike.

    Q: “Should I believe you?”

    A: Yes, but I’m biased. I’m happy to have any interested party inspect the helmet as thoroughly as they want, and if not convinced, we part our separate ways.

    Q: ”Isn’t there a risk of buying a used helmet?”

    A: Yes, I understand. That is why I’m more than happy to let you inspect the helmet to your contempt, and I have priced it accordingly (54% less than the closeout price I paid) because of the perceived risk.

    Q: “Did you modify it in any way?”

    A: No. No stickers, camera mounts or any permanent modification. For a while it had a Sena SMH10 installed, but it used a clamp (no adhesive), and I use earphones instead of speakers, so no changes in any way. On my last time wearing it I tried adding small pieces of close-cell foam to see if it fit around the crown, but didn’t get anywhere. Hence the reason for selling, I’ve given up.

    Now, the facts:

    - RRP was $599. I bought it for $439 on April 10th, 2015 at Bikebiz in Granville. Will include the invoice for any warranty related issues.

    - It comes with a warranty registration card, never used, with a serial number. Also a CD that I assume is the user manual, and a hex key for adjusting the visor holding mechanism.

    - It has a drop down visor (main reason for me buying it). Also, provisions for installing speakers of an intercom system.

    - It came with a Pinlock insert, currently installed in the visor.

    Attached some photos. If interested, please shout me a PM. But please, no time wasters. Being a popular model, you can try one in most stores and determine if it’s the right size.

    Happy to answer any more questions.
  2. if you were near me I'd be trying this puppy out... I miss my last Shark and am not having much love for my current HJC emergency replacement...

    GL with the sale, awesome price!
  3. You forgot the most important question:

    Q: How does it smell after you heads been stuck in it? :p
  4. I really shouldn't be buying another helmet as I already have one and I'm not currently working but I kind of hate my current helmet. I might be interested & I wear a size L helmet so maybe this helmet will fit me. Send me a private message with your contact number & time you prefer to be called & I will give you a buzz.
  5. ... and SOLD! Thanks for looking!
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