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[Sold] Sena SMH10 Battery

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Greydog, Jun 16, 2015.

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  1. After lots of fruitless searching and contacting Sena, I came to the conclusion that buying a replacement rechargeable battery for my SMH10 was going to be impossible. So I took it upon myself to do something about it.

    I have sourced a number of replacement Lithium batteries and am offering them for sale to Netriders at a discount to what I am charging on eBay and other sites. Since it was the same outrageous price to ship 1 battery from the supplier as it was to import up to 100, I bought a "few" extras (not 100 tho!). These batteries are already fitted with suitable plugs, and are the same model and specifications as the original battery.

    I've tested the new battery and found it to typically give around 14 hours of music. I was unable to test the intercom to flat b/c no one will talk to me that long! However, I ran a mixed test and found it gave 5hrs, 6mins intercom, then a further 6.5hrs music.

    I am selling these as a kit. The kit includes:
    1x battery
    1x Torx T7 driver (to remove the screws)
    Some double sided tape to reattach the battery
    A little silicon grease to help seal the sealing ring (can't guarantee watertightness, but this should help).

    As a kit, they're $45 to Netriders, postage included. I can only post within Australia at this stage, due to restrictions on sending Lithium batteries by air (which I'm trying to resolve).

    Note that if your SMH10 is still under warranty, it would be better to see if your retailer can find a solution within the warranty conditions. However, I've found that SENA can't help if you're out of warranty, so if your battery is dying, this might be a better option than buying a whole new unit.

    If anyone would like one, send me a PM please.
  2. Are these batteries still available. Sorry I am new here and have not worked out how to send a PM message but I would like to obtain 2 batteries.
  3. Yes they are :)

    Edited to add... You probably can't send PMs yet anyway bc you have to have a certain number of posts under your belt after joining to access that function.

    However I think you can reply to a PM from me, so we'll try that - I'll send you one.
  4. Hi and thanks for getting back to me. It seems I don't need new batteries after all.

    I feel a bit of a mug for this but to cut a long story short I bought some second hand units , charged them up, then left them overnight. I did not read the manual properly and was just pressing the jog dial not the phone button as well to try and turn them on. So all good they are working fine now....will teach me to RTFM.

    Thanks again for for getting back to me and thank you for stocking the batteries as it seems the manufacturer is not very helpful in this regard. If I ever legitimately need new batteries I will get back in contact with you. I will also spread the word that you keep batteries. Cheers.
  5. No worries :)
  6. Well done you. One of my SMH5s is in trouble holding a charge. What's the spec on these batteries? I'd need 3.7V, 400 or 520mah, and small enough to fit. But the 5 and 10 are the same dimensions aren't they?
  7. #7 Greydog, Jul 9, 2015
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    No, the 5 is wider and shorter. Wider doesn't matter, but shorter does. You might be able to dremel a bit out so it fits tho, not sure. You'd have to have a look at the skeleton of the Sena. This one is 50mm x 23mm.

    It's 3.7V and 600mAh. My original battery was 560mAH

    SMH10 guts look like this..

    SMH5 guts....
  8. Thanks for the 50x23mm dimensions. I'll open my unit up and see what can be done.
  9. It seems I'm in luck. The battery in the SMH5 measures 45 x 23 but there's room in the casing to extend the length by another 5mm to make the 50mm length of your battery. How do I obtain one please?
  10. I'll PM you
  11. Thanks; I'll arrange the transfer over the weekend.
  12. OK, one battery posted, c'mon peeps, check your Senas. Those batteries don't last forever!

    Edit: If you don't need the Torx driver, I'll do them for $40 posted.
  13. Greydog, I am also new to the forum, so don't have access to PM. I took my battery to Battery World at Capalaba in Brisbane and they guy wanted to keep it to see if he could obtain one. Long story short he lost it. So I have no battery and need one now - can you help please. As I have 2 sets I will probably need another one soon. Tks.
  14. Yes I can help. Do you need the torx driver? If not, I'll do for $40 posted. I'll try to send you a pm, as it might work from my end. If you don't receive it, let me know on here.
  15. Did you receive my PM? If not, get back to me here.
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  16. Greydog, sorry didn't get your PM
  17. Ok so can eithe exchange details on here or if you give me your email address I'll email you.
  18. Sorry greydog still didn't get anything
  19. FYI BKT2BKT2

    Don't ever publish your email address on a public forum which can be crawled.
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