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[Sold] Sachs Express 150

Discussion in 'Archived' started by awseome, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi All

    for sale is my mostly unused sachs 150, i bought it when my street was in PS waiting for decals which took 3 months to come. i bought it rode it back to work and parked in city center car park and there it stayed for most of its life.

    i have managed 293 mainly lethargic, leisurely kilometers on it. this rad bike is more suited to some one who is honing his/her skills, lives close to work and would like a easy commuter. I live in Nunawading so 22 ks on the freeway at a leisurely pace is not good for other drivers/riders.its like life in slow motion. it gets to 100 no worries takes approximately a lifetime. but the CBD is its hunting ground. nimble quick and light.

    its as new. its not registered any more, new is $2500.00 i want $1350.00 as is.
    Also i bought a Aprilia Tuono so this one is extra not needed.

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  2. so i gather no interest from learners even!!!
  3. Dude, i would buy it if you were in NSW... Not a day goes by that I miss my express, but mine was red, with the original faired-plastic headlight... Ghetto, in other words. Unfortunately, the bigoted chumps on here do not appreciate the subtle and understated qualities of the Sachs KN150, and you will probably not find much love for it here. Fine beast that will serve you well until it's death. Worth Every Cent. If you are considering a cheap, easy commuter that you plan on disposing of once you need to replace anything that can't be fixed with duct tape, buy this.
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  4. now that made me appreciate it a lot more..
  5. and yes price drop. 1100 and i will deliver. need space in the garage.
  6. I reakon that's a great deal on a new bike
  7. ok $900, i need it gone, need to pay for my lessons. money is scarce
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.