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[Sold] RS Taichi Leather Jacket, Alpinestar GP Tech Gloves, Interphone F5 Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Archived' started by bjornzzz, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. #1 bjornzzz, Mar 31, 2014
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
    Hi all, acquired a RS Taichi GMX Motion Leather Jacket, and it is unfortunately a tad too big for me. The jacket is in excellent condition (Like new condition), and is in the red and white scheme with the yellow shoulder. It is in size Eu 52 which equates to around an M-L.


    Price: $250

    Also got a pair of GP Tech Gloves, size L in red. Refer to pictures, but has D.B marked on the gauntlet and the palm is a bit black-ish. However these are cosmetic and there are no rips/tears/major scuffs on the gloves. If you want a pair of pair of top end gloves without paying insane money, this is for you.


    Price: $60

    Draggins Slix Size 32

    I also have a pair of Draggins Slix in black. Excellent condition, barely used. Selling as it's too baggy for me atm. Paid well over $250 for it.

    Price: $150

    I have a set of Interphone F5 Bluetooth Intercom Headset Twin pack in excellent condition. One unit was dead on arrival so Interphone swapped one for the Interphone F5s (no difference between the two). I have tested both and they are all in perfect order, both operational and aesthetic.

    They come with all accessories, however I have used one adhesive mount.

    Price: $250
  2. Thats a killer jacket - I've tried on more than a few when I was upgrading and Taichi quality is hard to beat.

    Good luck with the sale mate.
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  3. Hey mate, just wondering is the gloves are still avail?

  4. Indeed it is
  5. Still got this guys, price lowered.
  6. Where bouts do you live?
  7. At wantirna south, but travel to the city frequently.
  8. Cheers. I was hoping a mate might be able to sneak by for me as we are same size but won't work.
    TY for the reply.
  9. Whereabouts is your friend?
  10. I'm interested in the gloves. Are you home this arvo/evening?
  11. I just checked wikipedia for sizes. seems i'm out. I need EU58.
    My shoulders would fit in small but my fat gut won't.
    Thanks anyway.
  12. No worries at all. :)

    I'll be home tonight from about 6.30-8 if you're free to come around then.
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