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VIC [Sold] Recliner Sofa, 3 seater with cup holders

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Stuff for Sale' started by DonJuan, May 30, 2015.

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  1. Hi All,

    Today sees the sale of our trusty 3-seater recliner lounge suite as pictured below. It is a sad day as this beautiful, comfortable lounge suite has been there (since we bought it) to support us when we needed it most.

    $350 o.n.o.

    It is in excellent condition, scotchgard protected with reclining seats on both ends, extra seat in the middle also pulls down into a cup holder/small table which is perfect for drinking in front of your favorite episode of Sons and Daughters! High back for extra comfort for the tall people out there!

    Pick up only (Australia Post does not make a satchel big enough unfortunately) must be gone this weekend!

    Photos of understanding and very supportive lounge as follows:

    1549415_10152762805876114_2321151391027969378_n (1). 10409045_10152762805741114_8284252664709352193_n. 10419478_10152762805901114_6960774165877476706_n (1). 11139998_10152762805666114_8053587364506887746_n. 11295548_10152762805791114_200310484515210319_n. 11295605_10152762805831114_1396221636771535038_n (1).
  2. Makes me think of Joey and Chandler and Baywatch - ha ha ha
  3. ...and SOLD!
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  4. Would've but it wouldn't fit on back of the ninj :(
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  5. Haven't you seen the other thread with pictures of motorcycles as a form of transport for goods?
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