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*SOLD* [Qld] Matt black 2007 VTR250 QLD 13,xxxkms $6,200

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mr Luke, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. We all know what it is. Great learner bike, great commuter, great looking, great performing, great handling!

    The bike rides and handles exceptionally well for a smaller bike and is very forgiving. I found it to be an ideal first bike. The bike has been meticulously looked after and cared for. Always garaged. With just over 13,xxx kms on the clock the bike is just barely run in.

    The bike comes with owner's manual and all service records and history and also the workshop manual (300+ page document with instructions for all maintenance etc). Regular oil and filter changes were carried out (receipts included with owner's manual). The rear brake pads were changed at around 3,5xxkms. The front and the rear tyre have been changed from the original spec tyres. It now has Michelin Pilot Series tyres with many more kms left in them. Being the 2007 model, it has an odometer as well as a speedo.

    The bike has never been crashed or dropped and has never skipped a beat. Rego until November 2010.

    It is in the much sought after matt black colour with matching wheels. There are no scratches or marks on the bike except for some very minor scuffs near the foot pegs which are from my riding boots.

    Optional extras include oggy nobs (crash nobs), a radiator guard and a dark tint bikini screen (all as pictured). First to view this bike will buy it.

    Price: $6,200
    Contact: Luke
    Mobile: 0401732093
    Email: lukebona@hotmail.com









    {5 pics per post please - and reasonable size. Refer to T&C's and stickies- mod}
  2. Beautiful bike Luke :)

    You may want to change the sizing of the pics though before the mods do ;)

    Good luck with the sale, she looks worth every cent
  3. Is that mobile number right?
  4. Sorry meant to be 0401 732 093. Fixed above.

    Sorry about the pic size too. I didn't know they were that big!
  5. Hey so can everyone see the pictures when they click on the links?
  6. no issue with the pics.

    to bad I can't convince the missus to get her license.

  7. What are you trying to say? This is a chicks bike? hahaha jokes :LOL:

    I told someone the other day that if they wanted to date me they would have to get into bikes or else they'd be really bored with my chat and would never see me (except for maybe as a black blurr riding past).

    Needless to say.... I'm still single :grin:
  8. Updating invitation to treat in accordance with most recent private negotiations.

    The sale now includes oggy nobs with value of $132 (invoice included with sale).
  9. If Lotto is kind... this would be perfect for the Mrs, but there are serious debts that need killing first...
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