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[Sold] Parting out 2002 Honda CB250 Nighthawk

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dark Angel, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. #1 Dark Angel, Dec 23, 2014
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    Youngest son lost it in a big way, won a fractured pelvis. Bike is not worth repairing. All parts for sale, damaged parts included. All prices negotiable.

    Tank, fame, side stand, 'bars, switchgear, and bodywork all bent or trashed.
    Frame bent in front of right rear shock. Don't think it can be straightened without cracking.
    Wheels undamaged (not separating tyres from rims, they come with tyres fitted)
    Good front tyre
    New rear tyre (two days old)
    Instruments good
    Minor seat damage (back right corner)
    Swingarm looks good
    Small crack in engine case near front mount (suggest good for parts not direct use without work)
    Triple clamps good
    Brakes good, front master cylinder grazed but not leaking.
    Left mirror good (no right mirror)
    Carby, airbox etc all good.
    Brake and clutch levers both ok (somehow), also have second set (aftermarket, unused)
    Front LED blinkers ok, left hand rear OEM blinker ok.
    Headlight not broken but a little bent (previous fall)
    Left muffler buckled at mount and missing all baffles (rusted out previously)

    Everything is located in Cowra, NSW. Will freight at buyer's expense via Aus Post or arrange for personal pickup.
  2. How's the kid doing?
  3. Got him home now. The fracture doesn't go all the way through to his hip joint or he'd have ended up with plates and screws. The blood he was passing has tapered off and looks to be form bruising around the kidney rather than significant kidney damage. He's learning his way around a set of crutches and won't be working for at least four weeks, though he should be right to go back to his own unit in a week ... assuming his flat-mate cleans up that pig-sty so it's not a high level trip hazard.
    On the plus side, I'm very impressed at the robustness and effectiveness of the helmet, jacket and gloves he was wearing, all of which came from Aldi. This is the second crash he's had in the gear (new helmet after each drop of course) and I'm utterly convinced the construction is top notch.
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  4. shit that's not good :( no extra metal is always a plus tho..
    hope he is young enough to mend quickly :)

    asking for a friend who's picked up a CB250 for her daughter, is headlight lens a sealed beam or an insert type (H4 etc)?
    she's looking to replace the crappy sealed beam to get more light on the road.

    and maybe choke cable if the plastic bit up at the bars is not busted.
  5. oldcorollasoldcorollas The headlight is a sealed beam with a H4 connection, but there are H4 insert types out there as after market parts if you hunt for them. I found a couple from China on eBay around the hundred dollar mark but never got around to buying one. The stock headlight really is pretty shyte.

    I think the choke cable is ok but I'll have to look and let you know tomorrow.
  6. ok thanks. yes, not the best headlight in the world.. reminds me of 1960's cars..

    No rush on the choke cable, I'll check with her in next couple of days if it is required yet.
  7. #7 Dark Angel, Dec 23, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
    Just had a look. Top end seems intact, really doubt the bottom where it connects to the carby is damaged.

    edit: cable good all the way.
  8. Hope your youngest gets well soon. Are these parts interchangeable with any other models? Might be worth gumtreeing/ebaying
    All the best with the sale and your son.
  9. Thanks

    Yeah the parts are interchangeable across the '99 to '08 250 Nighthawks with some parts fitting earlier bikes as well. Just how far back I'm not sure, but I think anything from the 90's onward would be a safe bet.
    I've started putting things up on eBay but trying to give forum peeps first crack as you guys put up (mostly) with me.

  10. There is a mob on EBay in Caloundra IIRC that does H4 replacements (I got a pair for SWMBO's Patrol). About $64 incl. postage sans bulbs, I think (It was a while ago)
  11. DA, turns out she's not wanting to fix the choke cable at this time, sorry to get your hopes up :(

    (I thought Car lenses are different to bike lenses, as car is asymmetric light spread? otherwise I'd get Hella or Cibie car ones)
  12. No trouble. I'm starting to put things up on fleaBay here and there. If you don't need it, it's all good. :)

    Yeah the car lenses are asymmetrical but I think there's different mounts for the lens/reflector unit as well. Not sure about that though as I haven't played with a car one since the 70s.
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