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[Sold] Oxford Sports Panniers

Discussion in 'Archived' started by blim, May 25, 2015.

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  1. They've served me well but It's been over a year since I've used these and doubt that I'll use them again since I've moved back to melbourne.

    Each bag features two compartments with some pockets in the main compartment.
    Both expandable from ??? to ???
    Been so long ago since I've brought these I'm really not sure see pics.

    They've got three velcro straps. Two to over and one under the seat as well as some extra straps that can hook under the tail section or rear pegs to stop them from flapping around.


    Some pics

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  2. Hi Blim,
    Can you please advise the outer measurements, height, width and depth of them.
    I might take them off you if they're not too tall.
  3. Hey Blim,

    They look pretty good. I'm interested. What part of Melbourne are you in, mate?

    I'm in the Outer East.
  4. I'll race ya....
  5. They're:
    22cm wide
    44cm long
    25cm height front and the bottom rises up to 15cm height at the rear.

    Expanded the top part opens out another 10cm
  6. Sounds good, SOLD
  7. In Bruswick
  8. Sorry Mick first come first serve.
    Would have love to see a drag race.

  9. you haven't left your lunch in them for months have you?
  10. Boo Hoo.

    Well done, Blim. A quick sale's a good sale.

    Good on ya, Stever42. Looking forward to seeing them on the bike, mate.
  11. lol did find some disposable razors and KFC lemon napkin things.
    Probably been there for years
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  12. how much you want for the KFC things?
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  13. Those wet towellets will outlast cockroaches
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  14. Do they cost more the longer they're left there?
    I'd say they might be of the 2008-2009 vintage
  15. mmmmm tasty
  16. A word of warning on a sports bike watch the oxfords on your pipe esp if it is an after market...
    cremated mine a treat earlier in the year ...I only can use kriega or the like on my bike...
    IMG_9782.JPG IMG_9945.JPG
  17. that's just a flesh wound
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  18. I lost a heap of shit on the way back from orange...cremated a favourite expensive bra, tshirt, baked my meds, and left a trail of crap in my wake as well. I lost my really good portable charger stick, makeup, pens etc...I reckon I was a kilometre away from self combusting on the yoshi lol!
    Thought I could smell something then I couldn't ...
    This is how big the hole was...that is my ummm very very special toy meercat doing modelling duties
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  19. Nothing to do with whether the exhaust is after market or not.
    Always check stuff ain't catching anything moving or touching the exhaust when you pack.

    Looking though the pockets and found a chin curtain that fits my current helmet. Win.
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  20. I think stever now owns that
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