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[Sold] Oxford First Time Luggage Soft Panniers

Discussion in 'Archived' started by damedi, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. Oxford First Time Luggage Soft Pannier set for sale, in excellent/as new condition.

    IMG_20160303_164804. IMG_20160303_164838. IMG_20160303_164907. IMG_20160303_165709.

    I have used this set just once on a recent trip to Tassie, but new bike on the way with hard luggage means I no longer need them.

    I used a whole can of really good ($20/can) waterproofing spray on them so they are good to go!

    Expandable up to 48 litres, they come complete with occy straps, shoulder straps and 5 colour swatches so you can personalise to match your bike.

    Only have one of the 'rain covers' as the other blew off while riding somewhere near the Bonang.... Waterproofing I did to them is more effective anyway!

    Pickup from Newtown. $75
  2. New bike? Details?
  3. In lieu of 1000 words GeorgeOGeorgeO ..... ;)
    That's if it *ever* arrives... been on order since mid December.... lying, deceitful pricks at BB promised Jan build, and when queried at end of Jan as to progress changed story to 'late Feb' build.....
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  4. Mate, that's one stonker of a bike! Sure it will be worth the wait. Tested the 1000r - super smooth, super powerful.

    You must be grinning thinking of touring on that!
  5. GeorgeOGeorgeO

    Thanks buddy!

    TBH since I heard from BB with the pushed back date I haven't even really thought about it. I was excited for a time, but that kind of soured it.... know that will all change when it arrives though.

    Now, who wants to buy these panniers?? lol

    They would be perfect for anyone headed on the NR Jindy trip that needs some storage....
  6. **SOLD**

    Mods - please close thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.