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Sold my car - Motorcycle Only :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spart106, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Hey Netriders!
    I just sold my car, my motorcycle is now my only for of transport :). However I catch the train to work every day, so bike is mainly for fun :). I also have access to a car in an emergency.

    Anyone have any tips/advice for me? Apart from making sure the bike is in tip top shape :).

  2. Get real wet weather gear.
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  3. in fact an upgrade of all your gear would be a good idea if you have the money. maybe also consider a removable bike rack or saddlebags for those trips to the shop.
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  4. Luggage capacity and all weather gear will be your main priorities as a full time moto rider. And as Justice says - online shopping is about to be taken to a new level.

    I don't have my own car either - haven't for years. The Mrs has a car, but I found myself walking 2km too and from the vet in the middle of the day the other day carrying a sick dog as Mrs was at work, and putting sick doggie in the top box, bus, taxi or uber wasn't going to happen. Bloody arms were sore after that. Little things like that will happen, you work a way around it.

    If you are in a major city, rental cars are easy and cheap by the day, or GoGet, Hertz24/7 etc are a great option for when you need a car in less than an emergency.
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  5. Welcome to the club, you will get sick of the train/bus and rely more and more on the bike.....just you wait ;)

    -Oxford Heated grips
    -Ventura pack rack and Rjays top top bag
    -Bungee cables and nets (You'd be horrified the things I take home !)
    -Buy yourself some oil and filters in bulk and don't be scared to experiment with oils if your stacking on the k's
    -Invest in a good set of tools, workshop manual and compact set to put under your seat (next to the puncture repair kit)
    -Clean the bike and lube the chain weekly and polish the forks + exhaust after rain
    -Pull out and cleans your brakes every 10k
    -Regularly go round all the nuts and bolts and ensure their still tight (they vibrate loose sometimes)
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  6. Yep, did the same 2 years ago. I don't miss it anymore. Even for road trips it's cheaper to rent a car (I know of a place that does cars for $25 a day). Makes road trips easy, we all just chip, no one incurs the secondary costs of tyre wear and service/breakdowns.

    Oh and I second the heated grips! If you haven't got them, do it!
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  7. am thinking of selling my car as it now barely gets driven since getting a bike and is only depreciating. think I would regret doing that though on a cold rainy winters day. Will have to see, maybe sell it and get a cheap siht box to replace it.
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  8. Do it modern wet weather gear is great and cold rainy winters days are some of the best times to ride.
    Pics? My highscore is a painting. 20160216_201324. I've not held a car license yet; I've casually referred to the idea of getting one as tying that noose.
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  9. Thank you for the great responses! My riding pants have a waterproof liner in them but I will need a winter jacket and gloves.

    I have a 24L seat bag that can keep a helmet when I am not riding or other things when I need it to.

    I have the tools that came with the bike, but from tinkering at home its not enough so I will get some bike tools (as well as my already purchased home tools). Keeping oil and oil filters is a very good idea, I will do that! I will also clean the brakes this weekend.

    I have a woolies a 2 min walk from my house or at Town Hall station for when I come home from work on the train.

    I have fully comp insurance, a disk lock that is alarmed and the steering lock for security. At home it stays up the side of the apartment so it will be hard to steel and for me to ride away. So I am thinking of parking her in the carport at the front of my block of units in full street view.... Is that a bad idea? I can chain it to the carport.
  10. Id be parking it out of view if possible
  11. The worst thing our local Bunnings did was give us motos a rock star spot - now you should see what I bring home from there. So 2nd good bungee cords.

    Was sent out to buy Halloween costumes for some party last year and could only find a large witches broom for the Mrs. So rode home with it sticking out the back - most people thought it was awesome and that I had done it deliberately so I left it there till the day!
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  12. I rode to pickup a hardened steel chain and padlock, $110 total, in my bike bag. Felt great :). Now I can park her in the carport, chain her frame to the carport with rear disk lock and its a busy road so will be hard to steal.

    I cleaned breaks today, wow what a difference it made!
  13. How do you clean brakes?
  14. The most basic cleaning would be to pull the pads out of the calliper and spray some brake cleaner all through it then hose it off, normally a fair bit of dust, oils and grime will wash out. More intensive cleaning would involve dismantling the calliper, spraying it all down, polishing the pistons and possibly putting new rubber seals in it.

    If you have an air compressor every week I will blast a jet of air through the brakes and blast out any brakedust.
  15. Damn, I wouldn't even know how to dismantle them. A bike maintenance course would be a good idea. Is this something they'd do during servicing?
  16. A good mechanic may give them a light clean when they change the pads (every couple years etc) however most won't properly scrub them clean or rebuild them unless their is a problem such as the pistons seizing (brakes don't work) or if they are leaking brake fluid.
    If your only going for the occasional ride you can get away with it for a while, but if your commuting in rain hail and shine then every few weeks

    Here is a good start
  17. Very informative - never knew this was something should do. And have put just shy of 10,000km on bike in 4 months. Did notice today was looking grimy!